Discussion: Don Jr. Meeting Came At A Seminal Moment In Russian Interference Story


I should have taken stock in the white board manufacturer while the price was low. How interesting to see part of the timeline of the events surrounding this meeting.
Also how many tweeted promises has Dear Leader broken?


Absolutely concur. And Trump was instantly manic about making the victim appear to be the perpetrator - sort of like he knew a certain deadly truth. Example: On June 15, 2016, right after Guccifer 2.0 begins posting material hacked from the DNC, Trump releases a statement accusing the DNC of being behind the hack “as a way to distract from the many issues facing their deeply flawed candidate and failed party leader.”

It’s not that that kind of bullshit isn’t typical of him. It’s that he was ready to launch his BS missile. There’s no pause for a “Wuh?” moment when something unexpected intrudes on his busy day. He knows what it’s all about already. His creepy buddy, Roger Stone, then becomes Guccifer’s blabbiest fan right off the bat and begins a bromance with Assange before Assange publishes anything useful to the campaign.

At the same time, Trump had to have been picking up on the suspicions of establishment Republicans. There’s that wonderful transcript of Kevin McCarthy and Paul Ryan talking to other GOP leaders behind closed doors on June 21, 2016, with McCarthy saying, “I’ll guarantee you that’s what it is . . . The Russians hacked the DNC and got the opp [opposition] research they had on Trump.” Moments later he says, “There’s two people I think Putin pays: Rohrabacher and Trump,” referring to Rep. Dana Rohrabacher, who we now know was a frequent meet-and-greeter of both Don Jr.'s Boris and Natasha visitors.

Also interesting, by the second week of July, Trump’s lads are engineering their only change to the GOP platform - removing language calling for the U.S. to aid Ukraine.

Christopher Steele’s sources had it right: He says early in July that Russian operatives have contacted Trump campaign associates with an offer to publish Clinton-related documents through Wikileaks, which would insulate the Trump campaign from culpability. These documents would arrive in exchange for a future Trump policy that tweaks the narrative on Russia’s Ukraine invasion. Part of this strategy would involve Trump publicly criticizing NATO regarding countries who don’t pay “their fair share.”

We didn’t know about Steele’s dossier until 2017, but it predicted Trump’s action on the GOP platform and his year of yammering about NATO countries that don’t pay their fair share.

It’s not collusion! It’s coincidental goalpost collision!


Came? At a seminal moment?

Sounds like more than a “meeting” to me …


Josh retweeted this several minutes ago:

Getting pretty hard to keep this charade going, isn’t it, Fox.


Reaction from Don and Eric. “You said seminal”


Trump added what would later seem a prescient warning: emails Clinton deleted from her private server could make her vulnerable to “blackmail” from countries hostile to the United States, he said.

It can’t be pointed out too often - if republicans didn’t have projection and double standards to rely on, how would they communicate at all?



Were I Josh, I would put someone on putting together and constantly updating a timeline full time. There are people on Twitter who did an amazing job on this as far back as February and I intend to look their work up over the weekend.

Litigators are obsessed with timelines. It’s amazing, and I use an overused word advisedly here, what becomes clear when you take all the stuff you know and put it into chronological order. You put the facts into order and time and again, connections emerge, coincidences too coincidental to be coincidental leap forward, causal relations between what had previously been isolated anecdotes emerge.

It’s critical work that some journalistic outlet needs to start and leave up somewhere on the Internet as its revised.

I guarantee you Mueller has someone tasked to do this as a primary job responsibility.


Great idea. Pin it on the front page.


Yep. Put events in a timelime. Then put comments about events in a timeline. Then notice how comments have disrepencies, …


That sounds like a thing that would be a good idea except for the part where I don’t actually know what “pin it on the front page” means.


Umm. Sticky? You know the posts that stay at the top forever? :slight_smile:


Uh, no. Still not grokking.

Bet that set off a homicidal ragegasm in the comment cesspit.


Holy Fuck!


both sides have said it was inconsequential, with Trump Jr. insisting he did not receive the damaging information he came for and the Russian participants claiming the conversation focused only on a defunct program enabling the adoption of Russian children by Americans.

Hold up. This is not longer operable, since the 5th person in the room said the Russian lawyer handed over a plastic folder of said materials.

Russian-American Lobbyist In Trump Jr. Meeting: Lawyer Brought Documents:

During the meeting, Akhmetshin said Veselnitskaya brought with her a plastic folder with printed-out documents that detailed what she believed was the flow of illicit funds to the Democratic National Committee. Veselnitskaya presented the contents of the documents to the Trump associates and suggested that making the information public could help the Trump campaign, he said.


At least 8.

So more, most likely.


So much transparency.


Just like the wall.