Discussion: DOJ's Move To Target Affirmative Action A 'Big Red Flag' For Politicized Staffing


Go ahead Beauregard just say it


The red flag was when Jefferson Beauregard Sessions III was appointed Secretary of the Department of Justice. There is nothing he does that is not politically motivated in one way or another. And it should surprise no one that he’s working his way down the white supremacist wish list.


Trolling Liberals–Last refuge of the Impotent Incompetents.


Speaking of which… that rally last night WTF?
Last stand of the knuckle draggin’ Faux nooze watchin’ white trash.
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We need to get Mueller protected from being fired by trump and then take down Sessions. It irritates me that, for the moment, it is best to leave him be. He needs to go, and stat.


Seriously? The crowd did that? Geeeez, what a bunch of hateful, stupid people.


I gUess LibTards no lonGer carE that JeWs aRe takinG spotS meant foR whiTe kiDs at harVard…


I know, right? LOL, What does Rosenstein think of that?


At risk of seriously damaging your psyche, it must be experienced to be believed.
Election 2016, fond memories indeed


Hey, Liberty U grads need jobs too!


Nah, I’ll pass on watching that. Well, here’s to those people having the same luck as Gen. Flynn did with that rant.

So what’s Michele Bachmann been up too these days?



“Hey, I have a super idea, let’s do what W’s team did in the DOJ” - On Steroids. And these folks are even less subtle and less competent. Easy to see some big setbacks coming their way - the question is how much damage they might do to real people (not ideological cutouts as seen on Fox News) along the way.


Having worked in admissions, the biggest problem we saw on “discrimination” was the legacy family factor. This factor, based on actual numbers, is the main reason some qualified white Caucasian applicants were not being accepted. That is the real form of discrimination that we should be talking about…why are the kids from the white rich suburbs with inferior grades and scores getting into top schools over more qualified white students?


“I see this as a very salutary development, one designed to yield enforcement priorities in line with the results of the last election—as it should be.”

Actually, no. The law should be enforced the same way, regardless of elections. And especially with regard to the last election where the electee is, in fact, the candidate of the minority. Of course, there have been a number of minority leaders in various places within recent memory: Adolf Hitler, Saddam Hussein, George W. Bush, Donald Trump. They usually try to maintain power by suppressing the majority, and it usually doesn’t end well.


The Rude Pundit and the racists in and around the White House!

How Racist Can the White House Get? (Answer: Very)


Legacy admissions are a long accepted form of affirmative action for the wealthy.

By the early 1900s, two things started happening at the same time: Elite colleges began to raise their own standards of admissions, and they also began to see a significant increase in applications from the Jewish community.

These new Jewish applicants were scoring higher on entrance exams than many of the students from traditional backgrounds, and were consequently being admitted to elite colleges in droves. The percentage of Jewish students at Harvard, for instance, tripled between 1900 and 1922. In response to this trend, traditionally-served portions of the elite became uncomfortable at best and antisemitic at worst. Student societies began banning Jewish students from joining, and elite colleges started to become concerned that the uptick in Jewish enrollment could deter traditionally-served populations from matriculating. Indeed, elite colleges that chose not to attempt to restrict Jewish enrollment, such as the University of Pennsylvania, saw a decline in their traditional upper-class applicants.The increased competition for admission meant that, if they accepted students based on merit alone, colleges would end up rejecting legacy applicants while admitting Jews and other historically underrepresented classes. Instead, colleges started to give explicit preference to legacy students.


This is great news for slacker white kids whose parents have enough political pull to get the attention of the DOJ.
On the other hand, I thought that colleges and universities were the greatest threat to America since…oh, probably the War of 1812. Why would good, respectable children of conservative families even want to go to a university? They will only be abused and forced to think about other viewpoints.
My fear is that protecting these dim snowflakes from having people hurt their feelings about their limited world view is the next step on the DOJ’s hit list. Watch out for a program that “protects” conservative views.