Discussion: DOJ Suit Alleges Virginia County Discriminated In Blocking Mosque Construction

Lincoln really should have had access to nuclear weapons.

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Jeff Sessions: No worries, I will deport these Muslim Boys from our land. Tax payers will save as well.

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Sure, “wink-wink”, the reason we stopped the mosque was some septic system rule, not because we don’t like those muslins.

  • Culpepper, VA spokesperson who spoke on the condition of anonymity
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Or bricks and stones, lots and lots of bricks, stones and mortar.

Trigger Warning
It’s always about the shit isn’t it? What shit comes in, what shit goes out, and in the end how to treat the shit equitably.

If they don’t want me to think they are all racists and assholes in these backwater shitholes, they need to stop acting like racists and assholes.

You can be sure these folks who oppose the mosque get all worked up and supported the baker who refused to bake a cake for the gay couple and the Little Sisters who refused to sign the contraception waiver.