Discussion: Documents: Businessman Claims He Laundered Money To Sen. Mike Lee

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Lee is probably guilty as sin in this scheme. So much for Mormon morality and big money.


Wonder how soon the SupremeCorporation will have a ‘say’ in this.

It won’t take the K-RATS long to get told the Koch Boys that CU ruling is too restrictive…

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The LD$ now subscribes to the Go$pel of Pro$perity…

He who has the most gold wins. Midas 3:16

Their GoldenRule: Do unto others before they do unto you.

Their favorite song:
Je$u$ loves us this we know
'cuz he gives us lotsa dough.


Pay close attention to this story and ask yourself how its portrayal in the media would differ if Lee were a Democrat. Fux Noise wouldn’t be able to decide if they should lead with Bregdahl, Benghazi, or this. I think its also worth noting that of late all the issues surrounding electoral hijinks land in the laps of the conservative patriots who allege they want to preserve the sanctity of the process; D’souza, the doctor in the Dakotas, the knuckleheads in Mississippi, and now Lee.


Follow the MONEY.

?!? I thought money laundering for political campaigns was legal now?

yeah another self righteous right wing scumbag called on his preaching from the mountain-top after being caught with his hand in the cookie job

I haven’t seen any evidence of such morality…


Sen. Lee, the Tea Party darling deserves immediate indictment and should not be allowed to represent in the Senate. He broke campaign finance law and should be taken to task.

More news about the Swallow / Johnson Affair. I’m so pleased. I hope they choke on it.