Discussion: District Attorney: Nobody, Including McDaniel Campaign, Cleared In Investigation

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I guess I’m a bit dizzy, but what laws were broken? From what I understand (and I may be completely wrong), but somebody went into a nursing home and took some pics. Did they really ‘break in’? The whole thing seems a bit odd to me. Maybe someone who understands this better can reply…

Well, if someone told this guy to do it, or better yet, paid him to do it (money, or a promise of some position after the election) I imagine it would turn it into some sort of conspiracy.

Of course, unless McRacist is an idiot (note: he certainly is, but how big of one?), and if his campaign WAS involved, he’ll have a disposable flunky to take the fall for him.

This particular post is a non-story. No DA in his right mind would ever say, this early in an investigation, that “persons X, Y, and Z have been cleared of any involvement.” Imagine what would happen in court if they later found that person Y was, in fact, in it up to his neck. The defense, on cross, would be asking questions like, “Did you not say, on May 23 of this year, that my client had been unequivocally cleared of all involvement in this mess?”

The fact that the DA said that no one has been cleared is not exactly “breaking news.”

If you are not in a public place no one has the right to take your picture without your consent and use it for their own purposes.

If you have no reaction to the immorality of invading this woman’s privacy in her illness there is probably no way we can explain this to you.


Are you under the weird impression that it’s perfectly legal to talk your way into a nursing home (these are not public venues) and take pictures of a helpless, non-consenting, frail person? Really?


The better question, though, is really “what was the fucking point”?

A picture of an old lady in a nursing home bed? AFAIK, her being in a nursing home is in no way a secret. So…proof of a fact that in no way damages Cochran accomplishes what for these idiots?

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These guys sound like they want to be little James O’Keefe’s, only creepier.

Choose one or more:

( ) Josh, for shame! This is not newsworthy!
( ) This is a witchhunt, the real victims are the tea partiers!
( ) The break in was justified because we’re taking our country back!
( ) Liberal media!
( ) Benghazi?

Hey! I never ever ever never said that what they did was ok. I was just wondering what LAW was broken. Obviously they are scumbags just like all the scumbags they were doing this for. And for jumping to the conclusion that I was ok with that, then you are scumbags too.

We’re scumbags because you don’t know how to use Google? Right, got it.

In Mississippi, as in most states, it’s illegal to attempt to photograph or film someone where there is an expectation of privacy. This is why your HVAC repair person isn’t allowed to plant a camera in the heating vent in your bathroom. And it’s why you can’t sneak into a nursing home in order to take pictures of someone who couldn’t possibly consent to being photographed.

Kelly was also charged with exploiting a vulnerable adult for personal gain, a crime in Mississippi, and probably in a fair number of other states, as well.