Discussion: Disneyland Measles Outbreak Casts Spotlight On Anti-Vaccine Movement

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I firmly believe that any parent who chooses not to vaccinate their children should get an automatic call to CPS. It is child endangerment and it is a very real threat to the rest of the community as well. They can’t even claim ignorance, as all of the information is forced onto them at the doctor. They can only claim stupidity and negligence.


Evolution in action.

I’m not sure how science and ‘facts’ became the the bad guys to a lot of people, but at least those people won’t be around long.


But unfortunately they probably won’t die, it’s their kids that might die or might suffer life-long disabilities, including infertility, deafness, or other physical limitations. The parents that put their own children at risk probably will live into their ripe old age, just as stupid and paranoid and uninformed as when they decided not to vaccinate their children.


Barbara Loe Fisher, - Really TPM? You gave this moron a platform? WTF?


Not to mention the danger they pose to people/groups that actually can’t take certain vaccines, like those with compromised immune systems.


Perhaps we need to further segregate from Red and Blue into ScienceBelievers and ScienceDeniers?


Sadly the parents will be around, it’s their children who aren’t making the choice that will be the victims.


And don’t forget, the vaccine is only about 95% effective. Herd immunity is supposed to protect those people that, for whatever reason, couldn’t get the vaccine, or it didn’t work for them. These nuts are endangering people who did the right thing, got vaccinated, and for reasons that are out of their control, it didn’t work. And the worst part is, no one knows who those 5% are so they can’t even take the extra precautions those who can’t get the vaccine can take.


Someone has figured out how to make Disneyland even more unpleasant.


My grandparents had friends whose daughter had been stricken with measles at a young age. The disease left her with serious brain damage as the result of a high fever. She was bedridden and could not dress herself or feed herself or communicate with other people; a veritable vegetable. But she lived into her fifties and required intensive nursing care for every day of the rest of her life.

People have forgotten what a devastating illness measles has the potential to be.


The NYT’s write-up referred to the “debate over vaccination” and gave near equal time to the anti-vaxxers. Because false-equivielence is all Adam Nagourney does, has ever done, and all he will ever do. It is his conception of that “journalism” is. If the lede is “Opinions vary on shape of Earth” and it’s not Paul Krugman engaging in mockery, Adam Nagourney probably had a hand in writing it.

Update–Oops, just noticed that AP, being AP, had to at least check off the “false equivalence” box before it got published.

That said, it’s interesting to contrast how they dealt with the mandatory quote from the designated quote provider for the Dunning-Kruger afflicted menaces to public health:


“It’s premature to blame the increase in reports of measles on the unvaccinated when we don’t have all the facts yet,” said Barbara Loe Fisher, the president of the National Vaccine Information Center, a group raising concerns about inoculations. “I do know this: Fifty-seven cases of measles coming out of Disneyland in a country with a population of 317 million people is not a lot of cases. We should all take a deep breath and wait to see and get more information.


Barbara Loe Fisher, director of the National Vaccine Information Center, a Virginia-based nonprofit that favors letting parents decide whether to vaccinate, said, “I don’t think it’s wise or responsible to blame” unvaccinated people for the Disney outbreak. She noted that a small number of those stricken had been fully vaccinated.


Why any parent would take their child to Disneyland or Disneyworld, instead of to the beach, to the mountains, on a camping trip, to a clambake or a barbeque, on a trip to a state capitol or to DC, at about 1/10th the cost… I don’t know.


Except that I really don’t like classifying science as a belief.


Amen, amen, amen. Especially this. These people’s “personal belief” is endangering the lives and health of other people.

I’m sorry, but people who do not vaccinate their children should not be allowed to send them to public school, unless the child has a medical condition that precludes vaccination. And I wish there were a way to exclude them from theme parks and shopping malls and other places with large numbers of people, but I don’t suppose that is practical or even Constitutional.


So tell me Dr. Jenny McCarthy , can you cure my cancer ? I always go to blond bimbos for my medical advice


Well Informed Intelligent People and Willfully Ignorant Idiots?


My father died from polio in 1953 and as a result i never knew him . Are they skipping polio too?


Hey, that works for me!


But that feels like giving a lifelong punishment to the kids because their parents are morons. We need a system in place where no kid can even get to school age without vaccinations. We need to make the personal belief clause so tight that it only applies to people with actual religious objections to the vaccine (like the nuts who refuse all medical treatment and pray disease away). We can’t let ‘because I read it on the internet’ be an acceptable reason for refusal. If we can keep the exceptions below 2-3% then herd immunity will protect everyone. The vaccination schedule should be a law, not a suggestion.

In the UK, for the first three years, Child health services actually comes to your house to administer the vaccines at no cost. Maybe we should do that as well.