Discussion: Dinesh D'Souza Claims Prez Hasn't Had 'The African-American Experience'; Epic Megyn Kelly Eye Roll Follows

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He never had a ‘convicted felon’ experience, either.



Ah! The new “Bazinga!”


Sounds like time for another FOX apology.

“We regret that for the 100th time, we have allowed a complete hack, and a lawbreaker to
come on our airwaves and make s…t up live on the air. We’re trying our best to figure out why this happens, but until we do, go visit a no-go zone in Birmingham.”


What a completely useless, horribly racist person. Amadou Diallo was an immigrant who faced the ultimate horror of the black experience. The black experience is about how you’re treated, your interactions, and the effect these things have on your life. Nobody stops black folks and asks whether or not our ancestors were slaves before they proceed to discriminate against us. This is beyond stupid, and even he knows it.


WaterMELON-loviNG JUNGLE VOODOO PRIEst BaLACK InsANE NOBAMA HAsn’t HAD the BlaCK aMEricaN Experience BEcaUSE he wAN’t RELAted to SLAVES NOr HAS HE sUFFered FROM RACism. LIBtards once AGAIN PLAY the RACE card. AND mICHELLE has A BIG BLACK butt!1!1!!!one!1!!!


JohnPhillip d’Souza marching to the beat of his demented band…


Seriously, you have to wonder what happened to this guy to make him so angry. Every tweet, comment, interview from/with this guy reveals some deep seated self hating rage about his own inadequacies and failures that manifests itself in some kind of racist rant. I know, I know, he is just trolling to play up to his single digit IQ audience but I think there is something more there. I think we are seeing the beginning of a bizarre unraveling. I can’t wait to see how this ends.


Dinesh D’ Douchebag never had the “I am a decent human being” experience, and never will.


Epitome of the ‘descent of manchild’.

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Kelly makes good points. The President is a Black American man, but in a warped way D’Souza has a sort of a point but for the wrong reasons. Obama grew up in a white family in Hawaii. He attended good schools and had terrific teachers and role models. He probably didn’t encounter black people in any numbers until he reached college. So it might be said that he didn’t suffer the kind of daily prejudice, slights and struggles most black kids face. Obama’s experience might not have been as full on as most blacks but it is not possible to say he didn’t have an 'African-American Experience."


This is Dinesh serving his sentence? He’s confined to a halfway house, but can still get out to give interviews with Megyn Kelly? Oh how the man has suffered. And he has the nerve to compare himself to MLK?

Hopefully there are a few African Americans staying at his halfway house that can educate him on the “African American Experience.”


Isn’t that the new Teabagger slogan?


Right. Because the first thing Billy Joe Bumblefuck thinks to ask himself before he strings you up is “I wonder if this guy is a real bona-fide N****r”


He looks so “confined,” it must be hell, god willing he will get through it. He is a regular Nelson Mandela
suffering for his convitions like that


Michelle Obama’s ancestors had the quintessential “African-American” experience because they were slaves in South Carolina, Georgia and other southern states. .


Hey Dinesh:
Just FYI: “The African American Experience” now includes being President of the United States.


That’s probably true, but living in a community where you are one of few black people is most certainly part of the black experience. For probably most black folks, you are either surrounded almost solely by black folks or are almost always the lone black person in the room, and there’s not a whole lot of in between. If anything, that’s one of the hallmarks of the black experience.


And Dinesh hasn’t had the “Indian-American” experience?
Or the “felon” experience"? or
the “conservative insulated bubble” experience?

D’Souza has Esp. officially taken leave of reason. Especially if Megyn herself questions what he says.

D'Souza, the author of "The End Of Racism," was criticizing prominent black political figures on Monday night when he said President Obama "hasn't actually had the African American experience" because he is "not descended from slaves on either side of his family."

I thought I remembered a genealogist had determined there were slaves, or at least black people, in Obama’s mother’s family.