Discussion: DHS To Launch New Anti-Cyberattack Center Amid Russian Hacker Concerns

So over two years later after the damage is done, we’re getting a storefront attempt to fix what put them into power in the first place?

Nope, not buyin’ what they’re sellin’.


Further in the announcement:

We have hired the best in the business… I am pleased to announce that Fancy Bear has agreed to spearhead this effort for me.


They will call it the “Fuckface Von Clownstick Security Center”, and it will be headed by Dmitri Hacksinov, an ‘acquaintance’ from Moscow.

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Maybe as a training excersise they can hack their own ICE systems to find the missing children?


This is such a mess. We do not already have the resources in place? That is a rhetorical question.

“DHS says the center will be a collaborative effort between private businesses and government on how to identify potential threats and guard against them.”

We have a “cyber command”. There are various government and commercial groups working together. Now they are launching an effort? An effort FFS? They will spend the next year looking for offices and purchasing office furniture.

What about approaching this as an immediate danger. What about marshaling what we have and broadening that.

Oh yeah, Space Force.

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“aimed at guarding energy companies, banks and other industries”. I don’t see anything about protecting our infrastructure, such as electrical grid, or protecting our electoral process. Just protecting companies. How interesting. Anyone surprised?


And the first most important target they’ll be protecting is F&F.

Why am I not comforted?..


But, but, but…

The Russians hackers are our friends!

I’m sure they’re just trying to improve the functioning of our power plants and grids!

Kinda late don’t ya think?? Your wakeup call to act is frankly pathetic. What we need is voter security around the country in all 50 states…and money to carry out those protections.

What about tRump wanting to work with the Russians on CYBER? How do you square that circle, Nielsen?


Ever since Trump continually berated Sec. Nielsen in a cabinet meeting - she has become blatantly subservient to Trump - to the point that back in May she claimed she had not read any report suggesting Russian election meddling - which she then had to back track on. She gave a presser on family separation that was fallacious - but fawningly aligned with the then current Trump proclamations.

Ya, I don’t trust any efforts spearheaded under the guidance of this Trump (putinl-loving) Toady.

I’m sure they’d put this out for bid, no wait, It’s more likely the contractor that makes the most sub $10k deposits into a certain someone’s LLC will get the contract. How many rubles is < $10K ?
But then again they could just model this on FEMA…

What is comical about this is i am sure our IC has this covered only they are able to keep this administration from knowing about it. I would like to think there are a few other institutions our previous President was able to safely bury knowing this storm was going to blow the roof off the house.

M. Paul

In reading about, I am wondering if something is triggering this in the immediate mode. I found her announcement vapid as hell. But why suddenly jump.

This last article tells us we have the facilities, tools and tech to do the job. But DHS has to create a “center” . It is all there. So I am presuming this is gilding the lily on the 30 minute Cyber Security meeting last week. Just let Cyber Command know it is green to do what they are able to do. Bullshit.