Discussion: DeVos Proposal Makes Student Loan Relief In Fraud Cases More Difficult

“they also have an obligation to do their research before picking schools”

What research? Do the schools post their scams for all to see? That’s never how it worked in America before. No kid should be subject to institutional fraud and then sidelined because they “should have known better”. Fraud of any kind involving anybody is not dealt with that way.


"“Postsecondary students are adults who can be reasonably expected to make informed decisions if they have access to relevant and reliable data about program outcomes,” "

Yeah, data generally under the total control of the for-profit schools (because it is generally collected and reported via self-reporting of the school to data aggregators like US News), who have every incentive under the sun to fluff it in order to hook more disinformed fishies to increase their profit margins.


The governing philosophy of “conservatives” and this maladministration: If there’s dick move to be made, do it.


“After all, the purpose of higher education is to make money for their investors isn’t it? These little buggers should be working in salt mines to pay their debts.” oh wait, she didn’t finish her thought out loud…


Student loan debt overtook credit card debt in America a few years ago. Making student’s more susceptible to fraudulent debt is just more icing on the shitcake.


Not surprising that an heir to the Amway fortune would be unsympathetic to fraud complaints and bent on helping the scammers keep as much of the money as possible.


Revenge of trump U!


And what business was the Orange Menace engaged in before running for president?


Wow. She blames the victim for not being able to discern between scams. She admits right there that for-profits are fraud centers, but the victims are the problem.


Steve Gunderson, president and CEO of the trade group Career Education Colleges and Universities, said previous versions of the rules allowed for “carte blanche approval” of fraud claims, to the detriment of schools and their students.

Well Steve that usually how a class action law suit works. As for a listing of your fine institutions of higher learning here’s their list of their Education Members.


“Postsecondary students are adults who can be reasonably expected to make informed decisions if they have access to relevant and reliable data about program outcomes,” said the department of an administration elected by voters who did nothing of the sort.


I have Googledsome of these schools/colleges in So. Cal when I heard about them. All charge ridiculously high tuitions. Young people would be much better off looking into public community colleges. Very sad. But in America everything must be monetized.


As I was perusing the list there seems to be a few states that keep cropping up. I was surprised at California having so many.

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“These changes would effectively strip students of their right to recourse if they believe that a college or university has misled them, making it next to impossible for defrauded students to get the relief they are entitled to,”

This is obviously false. As DeVos rightly notes, postsecondary students are adults who are easily capable of purchasing polaroid cameras. In the event that a school is defrauding its students, it should be a simple matter to obtain a photograph of two cartoon villains shaking hands while exchanging huge burlap sacks with dollar signs on them.

I’ll just add: snowflakes.


And these private colleges advertise heavily, of course. That’s the American way.

We have a bunch of poor, and usually young, people who really want to find a way to improve their condition. “Get an education,” we have always recommended. Then we indenture them to private funding & pull the rug out from under them. “Ha, ha, your fault; you chose poorly!”

Refugees are at fault for seeking refuge. Rape victims are at fault being rape-able.

Can the inhuman monsters now running our government find more ways to rip off and humiliate the underclass? Every day, we truly learn the depth of depravity is infinite.


Trump U remains the gold standard for “reckless disregard” of enrolled students by for-profit higher education programs.


Shifting the burden to the student to prove knowing fraud renders relief all but impossible to obtain. The for profit college industry wins again. There is no depth to which DeVos won’t sink.


Follow the dirty money (although screwing the peons is a big bonus):

“Overall, DeVos’ paperwork showcases an extensive web of investments, several of which raise eyebrows. She has investments in companies that hound students to pay their federal loan debts, as well as in psychiatric hospitals under federal investigation for Medicare fraud. She also has more than $1 million in an undisclosed venture related to education. And although her filings do not show any direct ownership stake in a private for-profit college, she has chosen to put some of her money into firms that are invested in that industry.”


A lot of these “choices” that people should be “informed” enough to make are like the scene at the end of Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade where they have to pick the right grail. No matter how well people try to get informed, the advertising and the regulatory capture can make it so you can only see the shiny baubles on the cups and you can’t see which one will actually help you.