Discussion: Despite Earlier Denials, Emails Reveal Pruitt’s Landlord Lobbying EPA Regularly

A Pruitt spokesman told the New York Times that Hart and Jackson were merely good friends from their days in Oklahoma and that their correspondence “did not impact any agency policy outcomes.”

Yeah, and FDR ran a 10.9 in the 100 meters.

Good friends can’t lobby. They can only be good friends making conversation.


The issue here seems to be Smithfield’s contention that it should be able to dump as many pig turds it desires into the waterways that lead to the Chesapeake Bay. Oh – and it should be able to do so with impunity. The company’s corporate membership in the Alliance for the Chesapeake Bay appears to be window dressing.


He has got to go to jail.


Pruitt is such a liar…but that’s why Trump keeps him on.


Clearly it’s the COS’s fault. Pruitt is innocent of all charges.

The Trump administration is showing the profound weaknesses in our system of meaningful checks and balances. Previous administrations must have chosen to use at least some restraint and some self-control. The heinous miscreants who are destroying our country have no honor, no character and are proving that if those in power really want to run amok and burn down the house, there are not a lot of mechanisms in place to slow or stop it. Shocking.


This guy makes a dog’s hind leg look like an arrow.

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I think Pruitt has a point here. He would have been destroying the EPA, misspending taxpayer money and spitting on the law even without his old pal’s help.


Well, this ought to be the scandal that ousts him. I mean, is Congress really going to put up with Cabinet members being bribed?

Let me rephrase that…

No wonder Pruitt doesn’t have an email trail, He’s Got Minions for That.

Someone on one of the investigative committees should ask Pruitt if they can see what apps are on his phone. That someone will have to be a Democrat of course.

And Dirty Deeds are not Done Dirt Cheap.

Trump’s building projects use dog legs for levels. “You can’t get any straighter. Have you seen these things?”