Discussion: Deputy AG Claims DOJ's Push For Tough Sentences Is Not Reviving Drug War

“That might not be the intention, but it’s undoubtedly going to be the outcome."

This. And yes, it is their intention, regardless of what they say. When there is a difference between rhetoric and actions, pay attention to the actions. As Andrew Carnegie said, “As I grow older, I pay less attention to what men say. I just watch what they do.”


Rod Rosenstein gets more odious by the day. Just his way of “settling in” to the bAdministration, I guess.


"We’re not about filling prisons’’.…that haven’t been built yet…you know,the private ones JBeauSessions wants.


The Trump admin will have plenty of advice from Gulag officials.

So this guy acts complicit in the Comey firing–bad.
Appoints Mueller–good.
Supports JeffBo’s prison push–bad.

Why did he appoint Mueller? Glad he did, but it doesn’t seem to fit his MO in the other two matters.

Mueller was the safest person to pick in this current environment.

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“The mission is to reduce violent crime and drug abuse, and this [harsher sentences] helps us do that.”

Yea, right! Because this tactic of harsh minimum sentences worked so very well in the past…

The only thing this policy is good for is criminal recidivism and lining the pockets of private prison developers and operators – Sessions’ and Trump’s good friends.

Expecting to see tough sentences for Oxy dealers and white supremacists any day now.

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So, boxed in and did what he had to do? Maybe figures he isn’t on the hook himself, at least not in legal terms?

On the contrary, I think it’s all consistent. For starters, this stuff isn’t really related to the Comey/Russia business and Sessions’ potential involvement with it; it is (unfortunately) supported by a lot of US Attorneys, of which he was one. His other actions are consistent with someone who, in D&D terms is lawful neutral. He wrote the memo to preserve his job - not doing the right thing and refusing, but also explicitly not recommending Comey be fired, thereby covering his own ass. Then appointed Mueller because he’s now a witness to Trump and Sessions’ obstruction - again, covering for himself against charges of being one-sided.

He certainly hasn’t covered himself in glory here, but he’s trying to walk the tightrope and avoid outright wraithdom. I doubt he’ll be able to in the long run, but he’s been able to do it better than anyone else so far.


Interesting thoughts–thanks.

ETA: Your view may be supported by Rosenstein’s comments in this article: http://talkingpointsmemo.com/news/special-counsel-muellers-investigation-seems-to-be-growing.

What about the legal recreational cannabis states? Are they going to “look at” shutting that whole thing down just because Trump wants to play dominator and JB Sessions thinks it’s almost as bad as heroin, despite all evidence to the contrary?

Trump’s stooge is worthless. He will do what he is told.
He has no credibility and should not be in the DOJ.
What a disgusting dishonest person. He should resign.

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Deputy AG Claims DOJ’s Push For Tough Sentences Is Not Reviving Drug War

Rosenstein: This is not a return to the old drug war. In that war, white people were accidentally caught up and sent to prison. Under AG Sessions, that will never happen.

no idea

According to Marshall’s Theory, Resistance is Futile. In any case, he’s already gone beyond the event horizon.

The US incarcerates a higher percentage of its citizens than any nation in the world (22% of the entire world’s prison population); and higher than any of those undemocratic nations that we abhor (including Somalia, Yemen, and North Korea). A disproportionate number of these individuals are in prison for drug related offenses (>20% in state prisons and 55% in federal prisons). Russia, Khazakhstan, and and Singapore, all with zero tolerance drug policies, have lower rates of incarceration. Add to this the fact that our incarceration policies disproportionately impact minorities, you have to ask why any sane person would double down on a failed policy.

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Incarceration is a hugely profitable and nearly monopolistic industry. Private prisons are money fountains, and filling prison beds is the true job of law enforcement. Cops aren’t there to protect anyone; they are the tools used to harvest inmates so private prison owners can rake in our tax dollars. To add just a tad of hypocrisy to the sordid arrangement, we all know the prison guards are smoking tons of marijuana in their off time. They’re also often dealing drugs they steal from evidence rooms. Sessions and his band of mendacious minions are nothing more than corporate shills who will keep locking up pot users; after all, what’s more easily controlled than a stoned-out pot head? A doper is the perfect inmate, unlike a rapist, murderer, armed robber, etc.

Final note: when California put legalizing pot on its ballot many years ago, the single biggest financial contributor that opposed legalization was, of course, prison guard unions/organizations. What a bunch of inhumane pricks they are.

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