Discussion: Dems Want Interpreter From Trump-Putin Meeting To Testify Before Congress

Great idea. At least they’re trying. Won’t happen, but at least they’re trying.


The witness we really need is the person who can interpret Trump’s mind.

If that’s even the word for the chamber of horrors between his ears …


Two? How about all?

One side for the argument is Presidential archive.
The opposing side is translator confidentiality.

Then there are Congressional Repubs, who wouldn’t even pass the Dem resolution applauding Paul Ryan’s statement that the Russians hacked the election.

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I may be wrong, but usually interpreters don’t take notes … It’s a very demanding full time job to translate in realtime, no time for writing… I would hate to translate Donald, he is not precise in his speech…


There may be tape, however, just in case someone challenges what was said later. Might have happened in other cases, maybe not here, but possibly.

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Just ask Vlad for the tapes
You know he has them


I just wonder where in the world they found someone who understands Russian, translate that into English, and then translate English into whatever the hell Trump thinks he speaking.
And yes I’ve heard that translating in real time is difficult when you dealing with two languages but into three must be excruciatingly difficult.


Whether they get the interpreter to testify or not may not be the best part of the story. It will be fun to watch the R’s fight the idea and Trump go more insane.

This may be a simple way to separate the patriots from the appeasers.


How do the two translators work together? I imagine that the US translator translates Trump and the Russian translator translates Putin. If I was involved, I would want a tape so my translator could translate what Putin said after the fact.

The (D) or ® after their name ought to do it.

I think it really has become that simple, at least when it comes to elected officials in congress. Any of the committees that would subpoena the interpreter is already and obviously running cover for Russia’s top asset.


At least two Democrats have called for the interpreter… to testify before Congress.

Chiselin’ Trump: “I don’t see why he would… er, wouldn’t.”


That translator has to be scared shitless.


Rachel, I think it was, was saying last night that translators do sometimes take notes and with Putin who speaks so voluminously, they sometimes have to take notes in those cases in order to translate all that.

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Who is the interpreter? If it’s anything like a normal Trump operation he’s using his own guy with no knowledge of any language other than English but an uncanny ability to translate everything into what Trump wants to hear.

(ETA: plus a bootlicking willingness to take the fall for any misunderstandings leading to legal unpleasantness.)

I bet the Finns have one too.

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Democrats embarrassing themselves again.

Why would you assume that? The whole reason that summits are often held in the Nordic countries is precisely because they offer secure venues and have provided them for many decades. You could be thinking about the 1970s, when Finland had spies from both the East and West using it as a meeting place, but it’s a half century later and the spies have moved on.

thanks, I stand corrected, I can imagine, how hard is to keep a long argument consistent for a translator.