Discussion: Dems Sound 'Privatization' Siren Ahead Of New Social Security Fight

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Pull out the ‘incompetence’ gun while you’re at it.


If Dems don’t shove this up the collective fundament of the GOP we’re doomed.


Privatization followed by complete dismantling.

Feudalism here we come. Brought to you by the GOTP, the SCrOTUS wing the the SCOTUS, the David and Charles Koch Foundation for the Advancement of the Moneyed Class and Satan.


You took the words right out of my mouth. If the DEMS don’t see this as a huge issue, they are even more stupid and incompetent than I thought.

The Democrats can go on and on about what they believe the motivating factors are behind these shenanigans, but what about the social contract agreed to behind the people who receive Social Security disability benefits, and also Social Security retirement benefits? By paying into the system they were agreeing to a contract that would be there for them in the event of disability or retirement. Is that not worth the paper it is written on? Can politicians just play games as to whether or not they are going to honor an obligation by simply deciding not to fund it? Can they legally do that? I’d like to hear more on this.


At this point, a staunch voter base might be more effective than messaging. The headline, “Republicans want to end Social Security” is going on 83 years old.


Unfortunately the media will play the false equivalency card big time on this. I can hear Chuck Todd already. And that’s exactly what the GOP wants. To make privatization sound “equal” to the current system. They know they can count on the media to help them on this.

If they don’t what else is left to believe other than they are in on it?

It looks like the Democrats are indeed fighting back and are not pulling any rhetorical punches.
Those who fear a return of the mealy-mouthed Dems who distance themselves from the liberal wing take note – the fight is underway.


Split the two constituencies – the elderly and the disabled – into two petty, feuding camps.
Undermine the financial viability of the program.
Cast doubts among the broader public that SS “won’t be there for me when I need it.”
And then, present your plan to “reform” SS as the only viable way to “save” it.


I’m a senior and I’m on Social Security. If republicans want to commit suicide then sure, go ahead and privatize Social Security. Damaging Social Security unnecessarily just to make political hay and cause trouble for democrats …well, what can I say that is printable?


Chammy, to anyone my age this is the issue. It’s my demographic’s 3rd rail. Mess with it and even right wing nut cases–when they realize they cannot even get cat food— will be beating down the republicans doors. Anger will be too weak a word. A lot of my age group (65) are conservative but take their money and they will react. This affects a large part of that “angry tea bagger” group.


As Obama once said “Proceed”.


Maybe I’m off base but willfully screwing with Social Security is just idiotic. Especially when it’s easily fixed by eliminating the salary cap and making the usual transfer.
The repubs are picking this fight. The democrats ought to be able to play smack down easily on this game. All they really need do is tell folks on Social Security that the republicans want to take food out of the mouths of them, their kids, and grand kids. If that does not get people’s ire up then we truly are doomed.


What the Rs want to do here is part of their overall philosophy expressed by Romney in his 47% speech. SS recipients think they’re entitled, old people think they’re entitled, the poor think they’re entitled, and it’s their own fault for not becoming titans of industry (like Mitt maybe) and being able to provide for their own needs. It’s about as cynical a proposal as one can imagine, straight out of Ayn Rand, and I think an effective response and rebuttal won’t be difficult to put together.


Hit this, and keep hitting this. Get on the Sunday shows, alert your constituents - and make it clear that we gave the GOP control of Congress and literally (thank you, Joe Biden) the first thing they did was try to cut Social Security.

Talk about privitization, yes, but also pull the curtain back a bit and reveal what this is really about: Profitization. Taking public money and skimming private profits off the top. The GOP loves this, as with their Medicaid expansions, the failed Medicare Advantage experiment, and the constant outsourcing of government functions to “contractors”.


The problem is, they always cover themselves by saying it will only affect people who are now younger – say 55 or so. TeaBaggers love their SS checks, but could give a flip about anyone else. We have to be prepared for this fake argument as well.

I wish I had faith in Democrats. After the way they ran away from the ACA and everything else “Obama” in the latest mid-terms, I have no illusions.


The RepubliKKKlans have heard the American people loudly and clearly say: “Stop using my tax money to help take care of me!” …SO…Social Security must go! ___And the GOPig plan: Same as always: Yell that Social Security is unsustainable and is broken; do everything in your power to make it unsustainable and break it (example: Fund unnecessary wars with it.); yell, “See…we told you so!”; and the turn it over to Wall St banksters who will “play” with it, and if they win- they win___and if they lose-YOU lose- but they still win. Republicans have always believed that the poorest among us are hoarding all the money.

Raise the damned cap…the chained CPI is an abomination and was created ONLY to keep the wealthy from paying their fair share of taxes.

Reporter: “Why do you rob banks?”
Gangster Willie Sutton: “Because that’s where the money is.”

Reporter: “Why do you want to privatize Social Security?”
Gangsters Paul Ryan/ Tom Reed/ & Tom Price: “Because that’s where the money is.”


The winning argument is this.

Remember when the last time the GOP tried to shove this down everyones throats and give all our SSI money to Wall Street? It was just before Wall Street collapsed the economy that we are still recovering from. Where would we be today if we had allowed that? Now they want to do it again? NO!!!