Discussion: Dems Request IG Probe Into State Dept Cancelling Award For Reporter Critical Of Trump

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At his “No Collusion Victory Tour Ego Rally” yesterday, Trump said the Democrats needed to stop the bullshit.

Well, somebody needs to stop the bullshit. But, Trump and the Republicans are just stunningly full of shit.


Dictator strikes again!


She was critical of Trump. That’s treason. Bill Barr has already established that. Read the report.


Donnie did Nazi that coming.


“Finish journalist”/ Nice proofreading there :wink:

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If the department rescinded the award because of statements made by a journalist, exercising her right to freedom of speech

This is an American right, not one enjoyed by foreign citizens on foreign soil, is it?

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Now we know what it takes to get Sen. Coon’s dander up … perhaps he can crawl to his Republican pals and arrange a truce. As for Ms. Aro, why would you accept such an “award” in the first place?

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Is forearmed.

Reporting on Deigns wouldn’t suffer from a similar error I’d wager.

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That’s why they call it a “slippery slope”. If Trump continues with this, the forces propelling what he wants will overturn the forces against him.

And I guarantee there will be NO gallows humor (if communication IS allowed).

ETA Josh is a judicious man. If he were not alarmed, he would not be asking us to call and write people.


Well when one doesn’t have competency then I guess your fallback position will always be Bullshit.


All we need now are busts of the dear leader in every elementary school playground. Enough waiting for the inevitable.

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The link doesn’t work with that “1” at the end.


Keep on blathering away about the Barr letter and the wall emergency CBS and ABC, this has nothing to do with your future.

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Is there no end to the imbecilic, petty and not-so-petty corruption of this Administration? Please somebody … help us.

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My fellow Real Americans (you know who I mean)

There is no grievance too small, no insult too petty, no criticism too trivial to escape my full wrath. I promise you, I will go after anyone who says anything negative about me with the full power and authority of the Presidency. This is what being president is all about.

As I continue to work tirelessly on taunting and childish nicknames for all who oppose me, I ask for your support in this patriotic endeavor to root out and destroy this anti-American plague in our society.

Why, you ask, would I spend so much time on such a thing? Because it is there and because I can and because I’m the president and you’re not.


This is a terrible abuse of power. Though in the scheme of all things Trump, just a small drop in a very large bucket. Desensitized I am.

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Ms Aro recently Finnished raking her lawn, now she’s moving on to acceptance speeches.