Discussion: Dems Leaning Toward Boycott Of Special Benghazi Committee

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Man, I hope they hold to this. Boycott is the best available means of showing GOP partisanship in stark relief. Don’t provide facade of legitimacy.


“This is not going to be a kangaroo court,” he said.

Well, he’s right. A true kangaroo court wouldn’t bother with offering seats to Democrats. But since that would make it harder to argue that this is anything but what it is, namely political theater, they’re forced to actually allow Democrats to share the committee with them. Just so long as they’re neither seen nor heard.


Why assist the Grand Inquisitors?


What Dr Coyote said. Huffington Post has an article today about the 3 main questions he wants answers to. Problems is, the answers he seeks are already a matter of public record, from previous testimony, and about 25,000 pages of reports and minutes of investigations ALREADY COMPLETED!

This select committee baloney is just that: baloney.

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Boycott this circus. Republicans have yet to hear the word “no”.


“This is not going to be a kangaroo court,” he [Gowdy]said , as 7 kangaroos sat down at the table.


Even boneheaded Foxfools can count. 7 to 5 ain’t fair. Boycott this bullshit.

This is not going to be a kangaroo court?

I sure see a lot of wallabies hopping around this thing!!!

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Krauthammer is a PSYCHO! What is the problem in comprehending this basic point??

Dems should stay far away from this political theatre.


It’s a dumb line. Putting this words “This is…going to be kangaroo court” so close together is deadly. And even more toxic as it obviously going to be precisely a kangaroo court!

To boycott requires guts and a willingness to steal the narrative, They should camp out in front of the camera’s and show America what most of us already know, that, this is a political witch hunt for information that has been given. Is it any wonder that since the ACA is doing great and people are happy these Kraven attackers are resurrecting lies that most of America is done with they just won’t stop because Fox News now runs the GOP. 60 Americans died under George Bush and not a peep.

In my opinion, boycotting this committee will be a mistake. We can’t allow the Republicans to control the narrative here. We need Democrats on the committee to provide push back just like Rep. Elijah Cummings has done with Issa. And we all know we can’t rely on the MSM to call the Republicans on their b.s.

I’m amazed that the republicans don’t realize that everything they do is in the bubble. How long do they think they can get away with this political bull$hit.

I am torn between a pure boycott or a quasi boycott. The kangaroos do control the House and the Senate refused to participate in the Select Committee. So go on record and focus on the previous incidents over the last 20 years. Then have rolling boycotts of certain testimony or procedural votes.

A pure boycott has more risks in my mind as we approach the elections, and a circus like the government shutdown, can prove to be valuable by November. Tough choices because this is a check raise by a weak hand going into the river card. Given the odds why go all in. We will win in time.

I hear you and you are right. However this game of politics, is playing out in the one arena where participation is required, as a form of government. I like to think there are ways to stay clear and not be seen as boycotting or holding hostages, like the GOP.

f you’re going to boycott, you should send an observer, and then hold a press conference every day.

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Let’s see how Republicans react, i-e those who didn’t mind Bush/Cheney refusing to testify under oath or in public, and telling staff to reject subpoenas…

To borrow and revise the Repub line after the 2000 election:

This has been investigated, re-investigated and re-investigated.

Boycott this bullsh!t.