Discussion: Dems Demand Answers On Immigrant Family Reunifications As Deadline Looms

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Thank you TPM for staying on this story. It is horrific and getting so little press these days.


The Trump administration told Judge Sabraw that there are at least 127
such parents, though it admitted the number continues to be in flux.

Schroedinger’s refugees.

What that really means is they have no effing clue how many, because they didn’t collect the information at the time. And now they’re like some idiot who steps off a cliff and then complains how difficult it is to stop.


Good. They should be raising holy hell in every way possible because Trump and the traitorous Republicans are trying to bury this story.


A shout out of thanks to the Democratic leaders and ACLU that are pursuing this.

These separations still shame.


It’s a fucking war crime. I would have hopes for prison terms after a new Nuremburg trial, but it will have to wait until after the overdue Nuremburg trial for Shrub and Darth Cheney and their minions, and the one for the Iran/Contra conspirators, and the one for Kissinger and Nixon …

When you don’t prosecute and punish, the crimes just get worse. Eventually, the whole idea of punishing war crimes just fades away.


Off topic:


This is a Crime against Humanity.

It needs to be brought up every single day until these families are all reunited. Then we need to keep asking why.


Trump, Nielsen, Kelly, Sessions, Pence, all the aides who devised and implemented this and all the Trump fans who support this …

That’s who the Fucking Deplorables are.


Which it has. The final nail in that coffin was when Obama refused to prosecute the war crimes of the Bush administration.

Of course, then Obama had his own extrajudicial “Kill List,” which he used to kill anybody he deemed a “terrorist” (as well as any unfortunate people that happened to be standing nearby).

The courts, Democrats in Congress, and the ACLU must stay on the case until all children are reunited with their parents. Immigrants whom DHS has declared ineligible to be reunited with their children must have due process, not just the word of DHS, a lawless institution in its present condition. Neilsen needs to resign now.


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