Discussion: Dems Charge Full Speed Ahead: First Primary Debate Could Occur As Early As May

Please don’t include Biden’s photos anywhere. He is a loser and will insure the Democrat loss to Trump if he runs. We need someone young with courage, nothing like this two-bit War Criminal liar.


Uhhh . . .

You can pick your nose or you can pick your candidate.

But you can’t wipe your candidate on the saddle-horn.


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Beto O’Rourke has done nothing but win a Texas congressional district and lose a Senate Race to Ted Cruz.

People gave O’Rourke money more because they despise Ted Cruz than because of anything O’Rourke has accomplished.

And then O’Rourke couldn’t beat Cruz in a Democratic wave election.


US presidential elections are won by the most charismatic figure. Dems who run on a resume of accomplishments always lose.

Obama, B. Clinton, Carter, Kennedy–all charismatic newcomers.

H. Clinton, J Kerry, A. Gore, W. Mondale, M. Dukakis–all very accomplished, all losers.

Beto has loads of charisma. It’s why Bernie supporters/Russian trolls are currently trying to crap on him.


Not really. Gore and H. Clinton both won the popular vote. Obama and Kennedy were both Senators with national profiles - not newcomers. Jimmy Carter was not very charismatic, but neither was Ford.

The truth is that Democrats have not been elected President because we don’t have democratic elections, and because both Kennedys were assassinated.

We have a fake democracy.

No democracy, no justice.

P.S. Beto O’Rourke could not beat Ted Cruz in a Democratic wave election year. Remember that.

As much I want Trump out of the White House, I’m not mentally ready go through another long primary season. I guess I’ll just have to suck it up!

P.S. Still prefer Beto


While his chances seem minimal, former 3 term Rep. John Delaney, of Maryland has been formally declared & campaigning in the early primary states for over a year … is he making any progress in building name recognition in those locations?? … remember it would only take a surprise showing of 15-18 % in a packed & fairly level field of 8 or 9 or 10 where no clear front runner has emerged - to suddenly be the “overnight surprise”

I’m not looking forward to a long drawn out primary season. I agree with you about the candidates that have been around for a long time, they just don’t excite people. I remember how Obama got many of us very excited in a way we hadn’t been forever. Please say no to Biden as I think we’ll go down in flames if he’s the nominee. As much as I’d like to see someone in the Oval that’s been around the block, we need someone with some strong charisma.


They said the same thing about Lincoln.


She also highlighted Sanders’ philosophy of not attacking other Democrats. “We’ve never been negative toward an opponent,” she said in an interview last weekend. “And that’s going to be the case this time.”

Fuck you, Jane His Wife.


Who is the “They” specifically?

And you might also want to remember that in 1854 U.S. senators were elected by state legislatures, and not by popular votes.

Perhaps it would be useful to you to refresh yourself on the history of Lincoln’s losing Senate Election. Beto O’Rourke is no Abraham Lincoln.

No democracy, no justice.

I like that it will be a huge distraction and give the cheeto fits —


What a colossal waste of money, energy and focus. Why are they jockeying for position now when it’s clear that voter suppression, election fraud, corruption, incompetence and outdated voting equipment are rife throughout our system? How about some meaningful advocacy and advancement against what’s happening in WI and MI and what happened in NC-9, GA and FL? Yes, these are state level problems but they have everything to do with national outcomes! I’d like to see every one of these contenders join together in a coordinated campaign to keep the heat on these issues.

The only people who benefit from a 2-year presidential campaign season are the consultants and horse-race commentators. Not our democracy (or what’s left of it). But unfortunately, it’s easier to get excited about personalities than the complexities of our bigger problems. This is the reality show mindset that got us to where we are now. Who will be the great savior to magically save us all in 2020?


So true. Imagine everyone from Bernie to Biden to Beto to Kamala to Warren etc got together and announced, with a big photo-op, that the #1 threat to our democracy is the GOP and that all campaigning would be put on hold until Nov 2019 in order to focus on this issue.


First Primary Debate Could Occur As Early As May

And that is the exact reason why campaigns should have a limited lifespan. Say six weeks for ALL primaries. A couple of weeks “cooling off”, then another six weeks before ALL elections.

Once elections are over there is no longer any reason why the winners should not take office within 30 days of the result certification.

ALL elections should be based on winner being 50.1% of the total vote, with ranked-choice voting if no one immediately gets to that figure.

Election day should be a National holiday and should be on a Wednesday with specific rules/laws in place that any time off; that is vacation, other holidays, etc are forbidden the two days before and following the election. None of this long weekend/holiday shit that currently occurs around Federal holidays.

Last thing should be automatic lifetime registration on 18th birthday with specific voting only ID provided at that time. No muss, no fuss, no fees, etc, etc, etc.


I agree with all of that except the length. The current requirements are 35 yrs old and native born. That’s it. Given our media, we would have made huge mistakes way more often without a lengthy, grueling campaign.


He came only 2.6 points shy of beating Ted Cruz in Texas. Remember that. Trump won Texas by 9 points, Florida by 1.2.

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He still lost to the most hated Senator in the country in a Democratic wave election.

I’d prefer Ocasio-Cortez to O’Rourke if we were to have to choose a Congress person with little experience.

But funny how nobody is talking about her.

O’Rourke has been in Congress for six years and just ran a well-organized, very long and tough campaign in one of the biggest states. AOC hasn’t been in Congress or any other political position and won a low-turnout primary by a stealth grassroots campaign, and never faced a serious general election.

Don’t get me wrong, I like her so far, but she is literally just starting out.