Discussion: Dems Blast 'Nixonian' Firing Of Comey, Amp Up Calls For Special Prosecutor

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Our 45th President is remarkably consistent in his ability to IGNORE all norms and previous precedent. He has no shame and does not care what anyone thinks. Pundits, commentators and my fellow Democrats must not forget this. Any action that he does is based on only 2 principles:

  1. Will I go to jail?
  2. Will it cost me any money?

The Republicans control all 3 branches of Government and they have made it abundantly clear that they value party over country if it keeps them in power. Sadly I fear this latest Bravo Sierra from Don the Con will not lead to any investigation, indictment or impeachment.

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I would like to nominate former US Attorney Preet Bharara for the post of either special prosecutor or FBI Director (my preference would be that he occupy both posts but that’s probably asking too much).

I suspect he’s available.

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So, now we have Tricky Dick II?