Discussion: Dems And GOPers Call Pompeo Out Over Steep Diplomacy Cut Proposal

Hey Mikey P who needs bucks for diplomacy when the diplom-er in chief has Twitter, amirite? You’re just there to sign everyone’s timecard.


“… has promised a landmark plan to achieve peace between the Israelis and Palestinians.”

Did he use the words “final solution” in that promise?


Wait a minute doesn’t “lasting Peace” come before the “final solution”? It’s my understanding there is a strict order to these things.

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They have gone Full On Mob.

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“If the President’s budget were enacted it would undermine U.S. leadership and stymie worldwide efforts to counter violent extremism, terrorism and disinformation,”

Trump doesn’t need a budget to do any of those things. Twitter is free.


funding is enough to achieve the administration’s foreign policy goals.

“How much does it cost to pick up checks?” Pompeo asked his critics. “Heck, all the emoluments he collects are already run through his hotels.”


It costs less than you might think to abandon your allies and cozy up to dictators.


I thought “undermining U.S. leadership” was part of the plan. So much winning…

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…but argues the funding is enough to achieve the administration’s foreign policy goals.

and apparently, this administration’s foreig policy goals are to weaken the USA’s international position in order to empower Putin, so mission accomplished, mike!


Diplomats? We don’t need no stinking diplomats…

"A Republican on the panel, Hal Rogers of Kentucky, said the plan seemed “detached from reality” and warned “if we were to accept cuts of the magnitude proposed it would make our nation less safe, make it harder to achieve the effectiveness we all seek.”

Think of where the policy comes from, your own Party.

Adding $$ for diplomatic security. We must remember that it was rethugs that cut $$ for diplomatic security prior to Benghazi.


OK, I’m not saying that this Administration has any idea of how to do their jobs, but if they don’t “need” the money, don’t give it to them.

If Congress then sees areas of need, pass legislation, WITH funding, to implement whatever it is that is needed, with a directive to the appropriate department to follow the legislation.

Is this such a bad idea?


The dismantling of our State Department is shameful and dangerous. Swedish travel to the US, for example, is down over 40% since Trump took office. Getting an appointment at a US embassy abroad can take months, if at all. A lot of paperwork is just diverted to the US, with the embassy functioning as a provider of instructions on finding a mailbox or not updated website.


Pompeo told lawmakers Wednesday the peace plan was forthcoming and would be made up of “new and fresh and different” ideas. When asked if the plan supports a state for Palestinians as well as the state of Israel, Pompeo said, “ultimately it will be the peoples of those two lands that resolve this and make that decision about how it is they’ll come together, what the contours of that resolution will look like.”

Sounds like the essence of the plan is no plan despite the new and fresh and different ideas while not un heard of in this administration…most were hoping for some GOOD, workable ideas that would address the conflict not the usual Trumpty Dumpty ceremonial word salad…is Jarrad still driving this process despite a suspect security clearance? Woo hoo.

Sounds a lot like the wonderful, truly amazing, you won’t believe your eyes Obamacare replacement plan we’ve been waiting 4 years to see…


And this will lower my taxes how much? None?

More Republican lies.


If you think that diplomacy is for sissies and the best way to achieve your goals is saber rattling and secret wars, this budget starts to make a hell of a lot more sense.

Having a Christian fundamentalist for SOS is a terrifying prospect and needs to get a lot more attention than it does.


Time for the Republicans to be honest about their outlook and merge the State Department into the Pentagon. Replace all of those weak-liberal ‘embassies’ with military bases and have a general be the senior representative to each country.

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