Discussion: Democrats Turning Their Attention To How To Reclaim Midwestern Supporters

you need to address a bunch of low info voters. i did not say stupid voters. i’m talking about people who believe fox news. they actually believe hannity’s drivel. IOW, a tough crowd.


It’s a tough question with not a lot of easy answers. Some of them will hopefully remember why Republicans are always a disaster at governance, particularly when they are fully in charge of everything in DC, and drift back to voting Democratic on their own. Some will come back to the fold in 2018 and 2020 out of anger/disappointment/regret at Trump/GOP. Above and beyond that, Democrats IMHO should step up their candidate recruitment efforts in the Midwestern states (should restart the 50-State Strategy) and try to present some pragmatic solutions tailored to the problems and needs of those areas.

Trump already taught us!

Think like a dumbshit, talk like a dumbfuck, and act like a dumbass. Idiotocracy is real!

You can (and should!) actually tell them that we’ll save – or better yet, return! – manufacturing jobs.

See, it’s just like in “The Cider House Rules” where one boy is bedridden and declining for months. When he dies, the director makes our protagonist take his body out and burn it in the furnace. Then he tells him to announce to the orphans that the boy was adopted to a “forever home.”

When our hero questions whether such a blatant, obvious lie could even go over, the director says, “Of course they will believe it. Because they have to.”

That’s how desperate Trump’s America is now. A nation of frightened children just hoping and waiting for those manufacturing jobs… any day now… any day….