Discussion: Democratic Rep On Cheney: 'How Dare He Come And Raise His Ugly Head At This Time'

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For a guy with no pulse, he sure talks a lot.


He should be arrested while grand juries probe matters of war crimes.


Hey, getting thousands of our kids killed for nothing and crashing planes left and right makes you an expert in foreign policy. We should listen carefully to what the old farts have to say.

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Meeks is fantastic. If Democrats had any sense at all, they’d all be out there saying the same damn thing. Every last one of them should be spitting mad and pointing out that the very same people who got us into a decade long, illegal war now want us to go back. This is one of the biggest gimmies Republicans have offered up in years, the Democrats would be fools not to take advantage of it. They could ride this one all the way to November.


Yes. All the Democratic should be all over this. Every one of them. Especially the party leaders. Sadly, I think most will hide in the shadows.


These guys have no choice. It is a defense disguised as an offense. The evidence is in but they need to keep as much discord afloat as they can.

The break it and complain routine is stretched pretty thin here for dick and liz.


“…why the press even bothers to listen to Sen. John McCain (R-AZ) on the issue.”

“listen”? Heck, the press invites them to appear, week after week, on their soapboxes, and fawns all over them. See Wolf Blitzer ® and David Gregory ® just for starters. Gregory absolutely adores McCain.


I have been screaming the same thing every day. I am so sick of the dems who don’t have this President’s back. Meeks and Barbara Lee are my heroes. They did not sign onto Bush’s wars.

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You can only do so much from a truly defensive position. Attack mode is not one of them. Cheney left a huge opening with this play.

“[Cheney] should just … keep his mouth shut.”

I disagree 100%.

Dick Cheney has a G-d given right to speak his mind.

And demonstrate (hopefully, on a daily basis) why the electorate lanced this boil on the ass of America.

This blood-gurgling war criminal pulled the strings of the most corrupt gang of mobsters ever to stain the Executive branch, loot the Treasury, and send thousands of troops to needless death and dismemberment.

Keep digging, “Dick”, and keep reminding America of a desperate and bitter ex, who keeps stalking us.


Keep his yap shut, yes.
Take care of his health, no.

I don’t need to comment further


As usual, "The Rude Pundit, " tell’s it like it is about Cheney and his devil-spawned daughter, Jiz!

As long as the cheerleaders continue to get ratings for the news shows because enough people tune in to listen to their blather, we will continue having to listen to that blather.

Unless and until more people like Meeks present the counterpoint, banging the drum to force the discussion as to ‘what exactly did they get right, by the way?’, the cheerleaders will get their continued audience.

I don’t agree with it, I don’t listen to it, but that’s how this works. Or doesn’t.

The media leadership clearly have no interest in the counterpoint, or more of the counterpoint would be heard.

I beg to differ with the Congressman. He should stuff his pie hole with high sodium high cholesterol junk food and chew with his mouth shut.

Gonna have to disagree with you about this being a big gimme. Engaging them directly elevates their arguments to a level of credibility that they certainly don’t deserve.

The Iraq situation doesn’t have any good answers right now. And its going to be an albatross and influence domestic politics for years to come still…no matter how this current situation plays out.

And while it doesn’t have good answers, it has lots of lots of very, very bad probable outcomes for the US.

FOAD would seem to apply, with extreme prejudice.

It does not help that the Heir Apparent can’t keep her mouth shut at the moment.

Too late. The media is already elevating their arguments to the level of credibility. Even several MSNBC hosts have brought out the very architects of the war and asked them what we should be doing.

That’s why it’s time to push back and remind the country just exactly who got us into this mess and why. The American people are incredibly war weary and have absolutely no interest in going back into the quagmire that is Iraq, so I don’t see how it’s anything but beneficial to Democrats to remind them that Republicans want to go back to war, that Republicans were the ones who created this mess. Having a hard time motivating women and young voters? Try telling them the other party wants to go back to war. I’ll bet my last dollar you’d see a much higher turnout of young and women voters.

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