Discussion: Democrat Already Using Hunter's Indictment As Ad Fodder

That’s the difference between Democratic and Republican candidates. A Republican candidate would fabricate a crime by his opponent.


Hunter calls the charges politically motivated

Of course he does, anytime a Republican is charged it is politically motivated. I just hope the people of this district are not those “born blink Republicans” that will vote for anyone with the (ᴙ) after their name. Why would anyone vote for someone who is stealing from them? (I know the answer)


Hunter tried to play the family man card in a recent interview when he said to keep his wife out of it. Fox will, no doubt, obligingly lose the clip so that he can start calling it “fake news.”:["Duncan Hunter Says “Leave My Wife Out of It.” 1

What took so long?

Yes, the US Attorney, under Jeff Sessions and Donald J. tRump is a Democrat.

(George Orwell would tell you that today is unbelievable–just to crazy, no one would ever go along with it…)


Well, ok, but do not forget issues too. People in Northern Florida might interpret such an ad as pro-Hunter, and turn out in even bigger numbers. Ever since Willie Horton Republicans have not been shy about using racism to bump up their numbers, and it has worked.


That’s good:

  1. don’t mention the wife at all (it’ll piss off Hunter, and deepen the rift between the two.
  2. Country before party.

Spot on.

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Only AP could write that an opposing candidate is trying to make a corruption indictment a central campaign issue. Because, y’know, the possibility that one of the candidates in the election might be spending their term in federal prison wouldn’t be an issue at all if not for the publicity.


The Hunter name is something of a political dynasty in the district. His father was elected to the seat in 1980 and held it until his son won in 2008.
More than enough reason to put a stop to it.
He inherited the Grift
Just changed the location of the brown bag drop off


Ya - The AP is no friend of Democrats


Campa-Najjar has to do this aggressively. This is an ancestrally GOP district but it has become somewhat less so. There are SD exburbs in this district (Escondido) and it’s 30% hispanic and over 40% minority overall. If he hits Hunter hard to drive down his share of of the white vote, he can win this race. But he has to be relentless.


Hunter has called the investigation a “witch hunt” and said he’s eager to go to trial. In a statement last week, he blamed the indictment on “a culture operating within our Justice Department that is politically motivated.”

Goodness. They’re always a victim, nothing is ever their fault.

I wonder if he’d be so cavalier if this were a seat he actually had to work for.


Don’t look a gift horse in the mouth; many people are saying.

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Here are a couple of issues Democrats might run on:

Corporate profits vs. wages since the GOP tax cut:

Labor participation rate vs. opiod addiction:


“Hunter has called the investigation a “witch hunt” and said he’s eager to go to trial.”

Wow, Duncan is delusional, or truly thinks that rampant criminality or not, he’ll be reelected anyway, and will figure it out later.

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This anti-crime anti-corruption atmosphere in the Justice department is a cancerous rot and must go!

I love how all these guys say they are eager to go to trial when they get their hand caught in the cookie jar. Every time I hear that I will put my money on impending resignation and a plea deal involving no jail time.

“Already” – it took this long?

1,100 overdrafts in seven years and he wants us to think these are some kind of made-up political charges? Like somebody faked his bank records?


Rethugliklans describe that as “fiscal responsibility.”


“Hunter calls the charges politically motivated.”

Of course he does, because anytime a republican goes after a Democrat for wrongdoing it’s some contrived bullshit made up by the republicans or Fox News. They can’t conceive of the world working any differently.

Speaking of Hunter, is it just me, or does he always look like he’s strung out on benzodiazepines?