Discussion: Dem Sen. Asks FBI To Probe Whether Ex-Trump Adviser Broke Anti-Corruption Law

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Something is rotten in the billionaire class. This man has no needs or wants he couldn’t fulfill a hundred times over. There’s just no reason for this blatant, mindless corruption. It’s, to me, a sickness. An inability to see what’s really important in this world. And he’s unfortunately just one of many.

I would love to see a full-scale investigation despite knowing Trump will pardon him if it comes to that.


Go get 'em Tammy! It seems safe to assume that just about everyone connected to our dear alt-president is corrupt. The Trump administration is going to keep attorneys and law enforcement officers very busy for years!


Agreed, and you are probably right about Drumpf issuing pardons. He will probably start handing them out like lollipops. But it is worth remembering that a pardon represents prima facie evidence that a crime has been committed.

Tammy is good, good, good! She is calm, deliberate, unwavering and factual. She just gets to the facts and lays out logical arguments. One would be best advised to not mess with her! Go, Tammy!


Trumps adviser billionaire investor left that role just as the New Yorker was set to publish a lengthy investigation laying out Icahn’s potential conflicts of interest.

Carls’ current net worth 16.3 billion. When you have that much why in the fuk would you want to hang out with Cptn. Chaos ? Apparently all trump associates who used to be successful are maga-crooks. Exposed.

a) does the FBI have to respond to such a request from the minority?

b) I thought our entire (elected) government was based on exactly what Icahn did - using money and power to accrue more money and power.

c) @pshah The money is a scorekeeping mechanism. It’s 100 billion to “fuck you, peasants”.

Drumpf has UN-earthed the real rotting stench of American greed.

Sounds pretty clear cut to me. It will be amusing to see what excuse Trump’s new toy FBI head gives for refusing the request.

Icahn has spent his entire career skating as close as he can without getting caught. Why should now be different?

I’ve known some very wealthy people in my time.

Most are just like you and me, just with more money, BUT there is a distinct class of the Wealthy, the “Uber-Wealthy Businessman” that is best described as: “Junior-High School with Money”.

EVERYTHING to them is a “Dominance Game” where the only reason to play is to win.
Every single one of them has “little-man disease” and sees everything in black and white, win or lose, good or bad. You either LOVE THEM or you are THE ENEMY. The entire world is “out to get them” so they must “get the world” first. Their lives are full of Cliques, frenemies, jealousy, and petty acts of revenge against their perceived “enemies”.

They are truly very, VERY unhappy people, wracked by self-doubt and self-loathing and desperate to appear “All-Powerful” at all times. (Note: I am not apologizing for them, far from it, just explaining their motivations.)

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I completely agree. We have a system that rewards greed, ruthlessness, and sometimes hardwork. Hard work alone isn’t going to get the average person a billion dollars.

Off topic: In the above pick I first thought Sen. Duckworths phone was wrapped in duct tape, and I love that idea for some reason.

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Um, you realize you just described DJT in great detail right? :flushed: Wow.

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it’s called Psychopathic behavior … or socio psychopathic behavior … Most high powered CEO’s exhibit it, High rating Military Officers as well, our government is chock full of them. Just google psychopath, its very interesting …

With good reason.

A prominent executive placement firm (can’t remember the name right now) once had a group of Psychologists examine the aggregate requirements for Executive Placement from over 100 fortune 500 companies.
Their conclusion was: “They are specifically looking for clinical Psychopaths to run their companies.”
The requirements boiled down to:

  1. Lack of Empathy.
  2. Myopic focus on profits.
  3. Ability to lie with a straight face.
  4. Ability to “bend others” to the executive’s/board’s will.
  5. Willingness to “look the other way” when required.
  6. Distrust of anyone not within the “inner circle”.