Discussion: Dem Rep. Says Ways And Means May Even Hold Mnuchin In Contempt

Don’t say you “may.” Say you “will.” Then do it. Quit pussyfooting around. Enough is enough.


Perp walk the SOB.

And his gold-digger wife, just for emphasis…


I am not sure what is holding the committee back. When someone clearly demonstrates their contempt of Congress it is a no brainer to officially grant their wish and hold them in Contempt of Congress


Just going to leave this here: https://www.politico.com/story/2019/05/12/jerry-nadler-trump-subpeona-1317458

It’s time to start locking some people up. Let’s retake the power of the people’s house. I want to live in America again. I am done with this banana republic bizarro world Trump kingdom the GOP has built.


Why these qualifiers like “may”? Just! effing! do it!!! Can we please grow a pair? Is that too much to ask? This high road BS drives me nuts. Absolutely infuriates me.


The point is that every day those crooked motherfuckers defy constitutional precedent is another load of culpability to use when John Roberts has to decide whether he cares about his SCOTUS legacy.

Every day those motherfuckers delay brings us one step closer to Nov 2020 and their annihilation at the ballot box.

This is a war, not a skirmish, and it calls for strategy, not self-indulgence.


Steven “Mumbles” Mnuchin and his trophy wife are both deplorable grifters.


oh my stars and garters!

a threat to write another sternly worded letter – this time, a “contempt” citation – and put it on super fancy paper with official signatures and everything!

Can we stop with this Kabuki theatre already? The Trump administration has already shown that it doesn’t give one half of a bad fuck about “subpoenas” and “contempt citations” from Congress. And congresscritters like this Kildee joker just look weak and ineffective when they act like this is of any consequence.


Oooo. I hope she wears her “Bond Villain” black gloves.


Stop making excuses for why you WON’'T do it and DO it.

All it takes is guts. That’s all it takes. Or to put it bluntly:

No guts. No votes.


And who do you propose to lock up? Barr?

That is absolutely insane. Nadler’s subpoena was so ridiculously flawed that Barr was completely justified in ignoring it.

There is nothing in the Rule 6e (the Grand jury secrecy rule) that suggests that grand jury materials are releasable under a congressional oversight subpoena. Moreover, if they are releasable under Rule 6e, Barr’s participation is unnecessary – judges are the custodians of grand jury materials, not the AG, and they make the decision to release.

And that doesn’t include arguments about executive privilege – which a court may or may not find applicable, but which are absolutely colorable/plausible enough that courts will consider them.

“Genius” jerry nadler needs to realize that he screwed up and was out-played by Barr on this one. If Congress wants the Mueller material, they need to start an official impeachment investigation, which will allow Congress to cut through most of this crap like a knife through the Gordian Knot.


I actually encourage the Dems to provoke and perhaps hasten a Constitutional Crisis at this point. Between the slow-moving courts, that are more than willing to take their time deciding when or whether to hear these cases, especially since some of the judges McTurtle has put in place will have an already built-in bias towards protecting tRump and his lackeys, Dems can’t allow this kind of defiance and subversion of the law to stand.

Since the courts seem to be having a hard time knowing when to step in, as if we have all the time in the world watching our democracy crumble and turn into a banana republic, they don’t seem to know when to step up and clarify the difference between a real Constitutional Crisis being created by the GOPers, and that of the Dems who simply need the tools to prevent this conflagration through their power of oversight and obligations to be transparent on behalf of the public.

The Democrats should force the issue, going toe to toe with those assholes with their demands to appear and issue the contempt order already. It does a child no good when you keep saying, “Next time, you’re gonna be in real trouble if you continue with that kind of bad behavior”. These GOPers and tRump lackeys are acting like fucking children…simply saying “no” over and over and over again, and at this point, managing to get away with it by stalling for time. If you know that’s their objective, then you stop the stalling and do something like follow through on your word.

The added benefit of citing Mnuchin with contempt and jailing him with fines is that it will piss off these lawless Republicans and will make the courts get involved all that much sooner. We’re already a laughing stock to the rest of the civilized world with this kind of blatant lawlessness. Mnuchin runs the Treasury by overseeing our money…not tRump’s…Our criminal pres*dent literally doesn’t pay fucking taxes anyway.

I guarantee the moment Dems begin throwing these contemptible assholes in real lock-up and fining these jackasses for contempt, the courts will suddenly get off their asses and find some way to fast-track these cases over the kind of defiance we’re seeing. Subpoenaing tRump’s protectors, and their failure to appear before Congress out of total defiance, just can’t keep being another day at the office.


The entire committee could not express the contempt that I hold Mnuchin in.


Plus, aside from Ted Cruz I’ve never seen a more punchable face.


His is a good one, for sure. I always put Matt Gaetz in that category too. And Trump, Jr.


Damn, this is aggravating. We’ve already accept the slow-walking of impeachment (if or when) but then isn’t the strategy, get FUCKING TOUGH already. All of this “hasn’t been used for 100 years” crap. So when is the last time we had a completely lawless administration and accompanying treasonous political party? Argh, so exasperating.


But let’s face it, we really need more than a Susan Collins type strongly-worded rebuke, where committee members remain “concerned” but do little else. We need movement and the only ones that can make the movement possible for the reasons given, is by the Democrats in charge. Sometimes their reaction comes off as timidity, sometimes they seem as blown away by these Pukes’ behavior as the rest of us, but in the end…they are the ones that must act, and not just in a symbolic manner but one where they provoke a reaction because otherwise no reaction, no effect, and ultimately no compliance.

I suggest Barr goes first on being issued a contempt of Congress charge, since a lawless Attorney General is about as bad as it gets, and a surefire way to corrupt everyone’s legal prerogatives, particularly for his own ends and those he chooses to protect.


And his gold-digger wife, just for emphasis…

Like wearing a red dress to a funeral.

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In addition, Slow-walking Jerry has not even gone to court yet to try to enforce the subpoena. And Speaker Nancy Delay has not yet even scheduled a contempt vote by the full House.

At this rate, the Democrats are becoming co-conspirators in obstruction of justice.

“Justice delayed is justice denied.”