Discussion: Dem Grimes Uses McConnelling Against Mitch McConnell

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I’m happy to hear that the Grimes campaign did not spend any significant amount of money on this, because it’s poorly produced.


What has happened in the last month that the numbers for both of them are tanking? Is that last figure just statistical noise, or are KY voters getting sick of the campaign?

Agreed. Good message, but I was getting vertigo watching that GD timescale lurch around the screen.

That wasn’t vertigo. That was nausea from that “smile”.


In summer time, many people “tune out” of politics. September and October figures are the only reliable ones, when people start paying attention.


That smile is the Neitzschean abyss that stares back


From that graph, it looks as though both sides’ negative campaigning is creating lots of undecideds.


Say Bye-Bye to McTurtle. His tenure has finally come to an end.

A frustrated Mitch McConnell visits the DC Madam and hilarity ensues…

Agreed. The music is terrible.

Smart, she is going after the Democratic base. This is going to be a base election so she needs to make sure her base goes to the polls.


If it looks like a dork, walks like a dork, talks like a dork…

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McConnell is so cruel he wants to deport his wife.


If Grimes doesn’t yet have support from coal miners, she should use this in ads, but I agree, it’s too soon for voters to be tuning in. We here do, but I don’t think that’s typical of what goes on elsewhere.

U.S. Sen. Mitch McConnell is committed to the repeal of the federal Affordable Care Act - even though it includes provisions to help coal miners receive benefits for black lung disease


Negative ads. As more money gets spent, expect favorabilities to tank more.

As a politician, McConnell has had more than 9 lives. No matter what an opponent does, he always pulls it out. Just one of those….

I think it’s brilliant.
Love how she used his own ad against him. A great tactical move.


That’s it? THAT’S the best you’ve got?

You got a ranch you want to bet on that, Sparky?