Discussion: Dem Dan McCready Will Run In Do-Over Of North Carolina 9th District Race

And the Gov. should appoint McCready as the interim until an election can be held. No need for the people to suffer by not having a rep. in place.


Harris is obviously complicit in these crimes.


“Vote for me, I won’t steal your ballot, and I won’t stuff the ballot box… and I am not in danger of being thrown in jail.”


Does anyone know if they are re-doing the entire ballot, just this race, or all the down ballot races that were obviously affected? Is the sheriff going to have to re-do?


The reports yesterday said it included all races in Braden County.


No governors can appoint House members, always and only by special election, or depending on timing wait until next term.

Ah. Now that is something I didn’t know.

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That’s a very good question. How many races were affected by Republican voter fraud? I can’t believe that all affected votes were only for NC 09.

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Apparently, Mark Harris:

IS ABLE TO: Run months of both primary and general election campaigns, after having two strokes.

What a strong man. What a great Christian!!!

IS UNABLE TO: Give more than a few minutes testifying at a hearing, after having two strokes

Poor man, he should be in the hospital, not answering all these questions!!!


They should’ve just given him the win because minus the way Harris tried to steal the election, McCready was the actual winner. Now they’re basically making him run twice for Harris’s shady election fraud scheme. Its almost a roundabout way of rewarding Harris especially if he decides to run again.


The strange thing about TPM’s reporting is that they keep claiming that Hansen “stormed out” of the hearing, when the actual content of the stories is that Hansen came back after lunch and made a statement that his health - two strokes recently - was not up to continuing. And then he left.

McCready and his team are reportedly considering challenging the state law that dictates that the new election also include a new primary.

I’d like to see more on this. Is the new primary requirement dubious because it could result in an election redo having different candidates, or simply because this requirement came from a law that was passed after the 2018 election took place?


Marky “two strokes”.

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He wanted to go with bone spurs, but that was taken.

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I hate to say it, but the fact of the matter is that we don’t count “ways elections are stolen,” we count votes. There is currently no legal way to outright hand the election to McReady if the final vote count doesn’t show that he got more votes. AFAIK, no one has determined that the changes to the absentee ballots that are known actually changed the outcome. Many, if not most, of the ballots were changed from no marked vote to Harris, so those wouldn’t go to McReady.

If Harris had been seated and then found guilty of exactly what he is being accused of ( and I hope he is prosecuted), we’d have the same outcome - a special election. So, what is really happening here is that we’re skipping the ugly process of having a shady candidate seated and then having him removed.

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Ex Michigan Governor Snyder effectively kept John Conyers seat vacant by scheduling the special election concurrently with the next general election.

NCGov could schedule the special at the earliest possible date. There is no reason not to, all the campaigning has been done.


I’ll hope that since this got a lot of attention that McCready will get money and volunteers to help him win.
And, Harris will slink out of sight.


Harris is definitely a stroke. Or two…

One would think god is trying to tell him something. Or smite him…

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I’m sorry, but the cheating party should not get a second shot. The cheating party needs to be disqualified and the seat should be awarded to the non-cheating party. Giving the GOP another shot at it is not justice.

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