Discussion: Dem Congressman: We've Spent More Time Investigating Benghazi Than 9/11

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How’s that public beating going Gowdy? Having a worse week yet?


Made me link to the same post at Digby twice in one day!



Pouty Gowdy is having a very bad day and most of us are thoroughly enjoying it.


this Benghazi preoccupation passed being ghoulish years ago.


Taking the schaden in my freude to a whole new level


The Elvenking went after Scmitt but he is VERY QUIET when it comes to Smith.

He hopes since their names are similar people won’t notice the difference.

They probably don’t in the South Carolina 4th.

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I think he might be at [horrible career] now.


If this keeps up, there will be even MORE states that are regarded overseas as laughingstocks.

‘Texas’ is already slang for ‘crazy’ in Norway.


Thank God for those ‘voting calls’!


“We didn’t investigate 9/11…with the length and depth that we have chosen to investigate [Benghazi].”

Because the worst security failure in history is nothing, given any GOP chance to slander a Clinton.


There are a lot of aspects of the Clinton political machine that I (and many of us) are not exactly fond of. And the one thing I’m really not fond of in this whole campaign is how it will come down to a Clinton versus a Bush, which I think is an indictment of the power of political dynasties in this country as well as the average American’s ability to prioritize name recognition (i.e. celebrity - see also joke candidate Trump) above all else.

But the few minutes I spent watching these waste-of-time-and-money hearings assuaged many of those fears. The Republican party today showed themselves to be partisan hacks, not at all interested in the lives of the victims of the actual attack, the supposed point of this exercise. With deftness, intelligence, perseverance and above all patience, Mrs. Clinton handled this whole slimy affair in such a way as to not only make me like her more, but to make her seem extremely Presidential.

After watching her today, I can absolutely imagine her in the highest office for eight years. I can absolutely imagine her going toe-to-toe with Putin or whoever else the world throws her way. And whatever fears I might still have about another Clinton in the office, and the cruft which usually follows her and her husband around, seem silly in the light of what the Republicans have become - spoiled children who act in the most bratty way like they are entitled to have their worldview be true, all the facts, and all the effects their imaginary beliefs have on real people’s lives, be damned.

What I saw from these Republicans today was personal, partisan, vindictive, wholly unnecessary, and they have turned the tragic deaths of brave Americans into taxpayer-funded campaign fodder. Not only should they all be disciplined, they should all be ashamed.

And maybe above all, they should all know that their actions have made Mrs. Clinton seem like a much more desirable candidate than I thought she was before today, and I imagine I won’t be the only one having that reaction.


In case you missed it, Hillary gave an empassioned description of what happened at Benghazi that day. How they couldn’t find the ambassador’s body. How the safe room didn’t work. How security tried to lead him to safety. It was heart wrenching. She was thanked by Gowdy but notice he never thought of honoring those brave people with details of their deaths. He’s just using them for his political purposes.


Not to mention the worst response.


I’ve always loved Hillary but it is wonderful to see her so in command. And for this chance for the world to see and hear her calmly and firmly answer all the accusations thrown at her. But also to show her deep knowledge of practices and procedures, her loyalty to President Obama, her concern for the country and those 4 souls being so scandalously used by the Republicans.


4 Americans died in Benghazi. Regrettable.

More than 4000 US soldiers died during the invasion and occupation of Iraq. Tens of thousands were grievously injured and many will require specialized care for life. Hundreds of thousands of innocent Iraqi civilians were killed or injured.

The invasion of Iraq was based on lies about the existence of weapons of mass destruction in Iraq. These lies were told to the American People by George Bush and members of his national security team.

How much time have Republicans in Congress spent investigating the reasons behind these lies and the moral and criminal culpability for them?

I don’t even know what to say about this travesty any more. The Benghazi investigations are so obviously out of proportion to the significance of the events. The failure to investigate the reasons for our disastrous ME policies is so obviously evidence of the corruption and dysfunction of our political system. It makes me want to scream sometimes.


While I would agree with and certainly applaud your take in the bulk of your comment, I am not so sure John Ellis Bush will be the nominee. His money is drying up and his polling is below multiple other GOP candidates. He might pull off getting the nomination through just sticking it out and hoping others implode, but he is not even close to be a front-runner at this stage of the race.


nicely stated.

i would add – these people are unserious. they’ve been elected to one of the highest offices in the country – to govern the united states of america – and their behavior and what they’ve done with their power is disgraceful.


+1000. I’m much more at ease now with my assumption that she’s going to be the next President. Not that I still don’t disagree with her on many issues but those I can certainly live with vs Republicans. This hearing may turn out to be the truly critical “debate” of the election!