Discussion: Dem 2020 Candidates Play Tug Of War With Congressional Black Caucus

I think they’re doing the right thing, hold off on any decision until further into the process.

I would love to have another President from NJ, we’ve only had 1! I do like booker and, will have to see what ideas he has. I’ve been on the Harris train since she launched but, i don’t want to lock into one candidate this early. There are so many potential options that I like to hear from. At this point it’s easier for me to say who I won’t vote for in a Primary than who i will vote for :smile:

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Wait…a loooooooong time

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I’m thinking Harris for president and Warren her VP. Two terms like that then Warren as president and Booker her vp. Two terms like that then Booker VP and some old white guy his vp for two terms just for old times sake! 24 years then I’ll be 83 if I make it, and can die and never worry about it again!

Joe Biden desperately wants to be the first Delaware President. I dunno, I am from NYC and all, but being the second president from NJ does not outweigh the kind of creepy weirdness Booker emanated as recently as the Kavanaugh hearings and extension. I do like Harris’s pre-Senate resume more than Booker’s. And she, Mazie Hirono, Sheldon Whitehouse and Amy Klobuchar acquitted themselves much better than Booker in the Kavanaugh hearings. In my very opinionated, not usually humble at all, opinion. Also love Angus King on the Intelligence Committee. Guy can ask pointed questions and cut through bullshit without self promoting.


I know you’re joking but that would make Warren 78 or 79 when she started her first term. :slight_smile:

Well she’s probably in good enough health for that to be no problem. But ok she can be a supreme court judge instead!

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Can’t say I saw anything weird or creepy about Booker during the hearing. I did get a whiff of insincerity like he was playing it up a bit. That’s a definite negative for me, especially when compared to Harris and Klobluchar (who blew me away) on the panel.

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I saw Sherrod Brown recently and, he impressed me, tho he has not received much pub.

Remember “Trading Places”…when the Butler told Valentine,“Just be yourself. sir…whatever they do they can’t take that away from you”.

A candidate who REALLY CARES is what we need. If, in fact, a candidate’s concern for his/her country outweighs the ambition, people will see.

I got what you saw and started to get a creepy vibe from him. Maybe some of the articles written about him in the WaPo at the time and something about his college student newspaper column. Don’t remember exactly. But his insincerity and his whole pretension rubs me a creepy way. I have Italian and PR genetics and am cranky, irate and jump to conclusions all the fucking time. I don’t feel he will stand up to the intense scrutiny that comes, on the other hand, maybe he has been preparing for the scrutiny since high school. Which I dont particularly like. But we will see. I have thought Klobuchar was Presidential Material since I first saw her, years ago, on MSNBC. Feel she has learned her Senate job and is all business. No bullshit. Would vote for her.

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