Discussion: Delta Cancels All Flight To Israel

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Have they been declared “anti-semites” yet?


I’m sure the ADL is writing a ‘sternly worded’ press release right now.

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Sometimes, you just can’t win–after all, some people doubtlessly already consider them “racists” for flying to Israel in the first place.

Hey Josh. Maybe it’s time to hire a proof reader…

And MSNBC and CNN are preparing to reflexively apologize even though they have nothing to do with it.


It is usually Israel who shoot down aircraft or bomb another country. Funny how a simple inconvenience may do more to stop this disaster than anything else.

They are flying into Tel Aviv the real Capitol not Jerusalem.

I didn’t say anything about Jerusalem.

So the FAA is afraid that the Palestinian extremists will try to shoot down an airplane. If it was simply risk assessment about the random pot shots aimed at Israeli cities then this would have been issued a while ago I imagine.

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— a move Israeli Transportation Minister Israel Katz reportedly says gives ‘a prize to terror.’ (that’s reported by foxnews)

expressing surprise at mericans giving prizes to terror is like exhibiting astonishment at turning up with the clap after lyin’ down with a ho, no?

Can’t get in or out of Tel Aviv? Stuck? Trapped?

Well, now you’re like all the prisoners called “the inhabitants of Gaza.”


No they are worried because rockets are landing near the airport./

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Yep. That’s true - since one did indeed land near the airport. So you’re right. Hard to say if they Palestinians are now trying to target the airport or if this is random.

You can. You can fly El Al. Not subject to FAA because not US.