Discussion: 'Daily Show' Debunks 'Good Guy With A Gun' Theory About Mass Shootings (VIDEO)

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Well, sure, it doesn’t work there. But in the real world, say in a darkened packed movie theatre, or in the bleachers at the ball game, the good-guy-with-a-gun gambit gonna work like a charm - trust me, and trust the NRA -they wouldn’t just make things up to sell guns!


You bet it would work! I saw it in a movie once!


Gun training is on my list, right after replacing the Zombie Apocalypse sticker on my Jeep.


Just as long as people wear the right color hat. things will be just fine…


The gun is neutral and that is the problem. Good guy or bad, the gun fires and kills and maims and the good guy and the bad guy aren’t immune. There are examples of this just about every single day.

In fact, I’m named after a cop friend of my Dad’s that has a bullet lodged in his spine for over 50 years now and has been wheelchair bound ever since. It was proven that he was shot by a fellow officer by crossfire during a bust. So good guy shot good guy and that was way before the NRA even dreamed up their fantasy excuses.

Some good guys are bad shots and some are trigger happy. All supposed good guys are still human and make mistakes and act out on their own impulses.

I’m thinking that ‘good guys’, really truly good people, aren’t carrying a weapon that’s loaded and walking around prepared for the shootout. These are just more gun nuts who live in the fantasy world of playing hero.
Show me the good guy ready to kill with his gun and I’ll show you a gun fanatic waiting for the opportunity to bust out his/her steel then claim to be a badass good guy.


If more guns made us safe, America would be the safest place on the planet.

Why does every delusional idiot with a gun fantasize about being a superhero? Just a few hours playing paintball turns them into a SWAT level sharpshooter. Scary!

How many people will be killed in the cross fire before we wake up?


10 interesting pro gun myths

Edit: One of the most interesting to me is #9, that more guns being sold doesn’t mean that more people have guns, it means the people with guns have a shit load of guns.

Unlike #9, as I was reading this article one guy at work was talking to another guy that he’s in the process of getting his permit to buy a gun. Both upper middle class, conservative, christian, white guys that live in nice if not gated communities.


ABC News ran a similar set of tests a few years ago. Well worth watching…



We already knew the “good guy with a gun” thing was total BS, but man was it depressing to see in action…


If you watch more movies, you can up those stats. I recommend “John Wick” as a starter.


Klepper is definitely the best correspondent on the show right now. He’s been cultivating a persona like Colbert did, though it’s much more of a racist, sexist, idiotic manchild.


Required viewing for NRA apologists.


Too bad numbnu…er, Puppies is banned. The meltdown would of been epic.

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I’m a big fan of him and Jessica Williams.


All these fat, stupid, old, white guys with their hip-mounted-penile-extensions all think they are “John McClain” from the “Die Hard” movies and will “take out the Turrur’ists” while cracking wise, when in reality they are “Barney Fife” from “The Andy Griffith Show” crapping his pants when the bullets start flying, or worse yet, killing innocents as they blaze away in a panic.


That’s what I don’t get-why people can’t see that the countries with a lot less guns are more safe than the US? This is one of those cases where the facts mean absolutely nothing. I have a friend who is just sure that we should all be armed. We can’t discuss it because she doesn’t believe the statistics. She believes debunked studies showing the opposite, and the debunking means nothing to her. She is a bright and funny person otherwise, so it’s hard for me to understand.

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Oh yes, the gun nuts will rationalize all this as “just statistics” or some similar nonsense. People who want to believe something will do so in the face of overwhelming evidence to the contrary.


And I would guess the perpetrator was 12 years old and lived 8 doors down? Was this guy prepared to shoot a neighborhood kid?

Since Paris and San Bernardino, it’s been amazing to see how many old friends I have that I didn’t know were combat trained commando super heroes who, if were at either of those two incidents, would have known exactly what to do and saved the day. There’s just such a disconnect with these people. You could poke the easiest holes in their logic, and it still doesn’t phase them. I’ll ask them how they’d account for the element of surprise, the attackers body armor, the chaos of the darkness at the concert hall in Paris, shell shock, the paralyzing amount of adrenaline and so on and so forth. And they still believe they would have been the new Rambo. Mind you, these are people whose combat experience was a corporate paintball outing 5 years ago, if that.


2ndA’ers sporting a weapon just hoping to come upon a situation that scares 'em enough to shoot -----somebody ------preferably a darker shade of pale.

Couple that with an overload of testosterone and anger un-managed.

What could possibly be any wrong-er.?