Discussion: Daily Beast Editor Apologizes For Tweeting 'Fuck You' At Rand Paul

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Learn more words, bro.


Well, our last two vice-presidents have been known to drop the F-bomb on occasion. This one seems warranted to me.


But yeah, the dude’s a journalist, so maybe we should expect more.

IMO he should get at least a partial pass for being right.


TY DB, the jerk should be called out every time he panders.

I am not really fucking bothered by this. That is all. FIND SOME ACTUAL NEWS. Kaithxbai

Apologize … for not saying it sooner?

Oh come on…doesn’t everyone, everyone’s cousin and their little dogs want to tweet "fuck you’ @Rand?

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Fuck, Justin Fuckin’ Miller sure fucking says fuck a whole fucking fuck of a lot, fucking doesn’t he?

Okay, fuckity-bye!

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A journalist? Seriously?


Stop doing it, you spongey pussies.

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I tweeted “fuck you” to Chris Christie for politicizing vaccinations.

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Why give the morons ammunition? Randy is digging his own grave anyway.

Well, dommyluc does not work for The Daily Beast or Politico or any other media establish, so dommyluc is perfectly happy to pick up the slack and give Rand Paul a rousing, heartfelt “FUCK YOU”. Oh, and can we get a “SUCK MY BALLS” and a “GO EAT SHIT” from the congregation, people?!!! Can I hear an “AMEN!”?

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Stupid question: Why does the headline use “F***” and the text write out the word? Is it somehow worse to write “Fuck” in 32 point bold?

Interestingly, this comments page writes it out in the headline.

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But in his defense, he always uses the word “coitus” correctly.

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Fuck, this is making a mountain of a mole hill.