Discussion: DACA May Die In Three Weeks, And Democrats Have No Leverage Left


While I have zero confidence in the GOP acting in good faith on any issue, I think the optics of hard working, law abiding young people being dragged out of their communities in chains would simply be too devastating for the Trump Administration and the GOP. I’m guessing that some short term fix will be worked out at the last minute.


The Democrats are totally failing to stand up to Trump and the Republicans in any meaningful way. They are legitimizing Trump as President, and acting like the current situation is normal as they sell out Democratic voters and progressive values.

Long speeches and sternly written letters have not and will not make any difference.

Meanwhile, Trump and the Republicans’ poll numbers are now starting to creep upward.

Trump and the Republicans are selling out America to the highest bidders as they destroy and tear apart families and pillage the environment.

Meanwhile, the Democrat leadership has given up the fight.


Which branches of the government do the Dems currently control? Yelling and screaming is not meaningful resistance.


Based on what we’ve seen in the last few months, where people who have lived here for 30, 40 years, with family, are summarily deported, I expect mass deportations to begin on March 6. Of course, Trump will tweet that the Democrats are completely at fault, for refusing to bargain.
I don’t fault the Democratic leadership so much. They are under water right now, and Trump is ascendant. Trump is winning all battles, yet some people think he is about to be impeached or resign.


I’m sure this whole pogrom will turn out very well come November.


Well, it’s not the leadership’s fault if individual Congressmen won’t stay in line.


Wasn’t that an integral part of Adolf Eichmann’s defense?

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The only leverage Democrats have left is moral, which is, of course, completely worthless in the face of congressional Republicans and the Trump administration. This morality stuff is obviously highly overrated.


The Democrats never had any leverage. Democrats don’t do government shutdowns, they have a stake in making government work. Republicans have a stake in demonstrating government doesn’t work. When they made that tepid attempt to shake the Republicans with a shutdown, the Republicans just laughed. That and the polls showed, support for DACA notwithstanding, the general public didn’t support shutting the government down over it. Hence no shutdown. No leverage.


Which fight? Are you expecting actual fisticuffs? What exactly are you calling for if not sternly worded speeches, ineffective though they may be?


The Democrats are in this position because Trump played Schumer into an unsustainable shutdown.

There is a reason that an immigration bill is now on the table and it isn’t because Ryan feels any particular obligation to Pelosi.

The Dreamers were pawns in the game of getting political cover for the funding of the border wall and rewriting immigration law to Trump’s (and others) liking.

I would guess the bill will be written quickly and pass with bipartisan support. That will be the end of ‘huddled masses yearning to breathe free.’

But we will have a wall and the Dreamers will be saved.

Then our president can be anointed ‘Trump the Merciful.’

Why? Because it’s all about Trump.


Uh, did you read the headline?

There are many things the Democrats can do besides just long speeches and sternly written letters, such as not giving away leverage in negotiations.

But the Democrats are constantly in fear of Republicans, and the Republicans know this.


Hasn’t the “President” (sic.) repeatedly said he wants to find a solution to keep the Dreamers in the United States, with a path to citizenship? Hold him to that, every day.


For some reason, Democrats are constantly concerned about not offending people who will alway hate them, no matter what.


Why am I not at all surprised? My problem, in a nutshell, is age and Principle. Meaning that I’m old enough to remember when Democrats stood for something especially in matters of Principle. Everyone gave Upchuck and Grandmama a free pass when the “democrats” in the House and Senate might have taken a risky but principled stand to do what was right, even if it meant taking “heat” for shutting down “Government.”
Rather than stand up and take a stand, “democrats” saw their “generic ballot” number (whatever the heck that really means) begin to slip and they caved in like the bowl of butterscotch pudding that half of these “Leaders” can’t manage to eat on their own anymore.
Pelosi stands up and gets herself some sort of loving cup for the longest floor speech in History…
Bully for her.
It helped exactly no one except her.
There are still close to a million people living in terror for their future and that of their children every hour, just as there were a month ago, and just as there will be tomorrow morning.
And these “democrats” would have me join them in the “wave” the formation of which worries them so much that they are willing to sell out a million people to be sure they win big in 2018?
No, thank you.
I won’t ever be a Schumer-Pelosi “bendocrat.”
I am a Democrat.
A Jack and Robert Kennedy Democrat. I have been since 1960, and I will still be one be in 2060.
But this isn’t about my problem with a mess of feather-spined cowards who run from the truth of what they say they believe when talk is cheap.
There are almost A MILLION PEOPLE out there this morning with a bigger problem than I will have for the rest of my life.
When I see Pelosi and Schumer stand up and stand together with all of them and other people of principle in a place like The National Mall, then and only then will I consider allowing Schumer and Pelosi to join the Party which I still believe in.
The Party which Pelosi and Schumer have given up on and given in on once too often.


The msm will blame the dems


Disagree. Treasonweasels are all in here on their fascistic path and the base will cheer the deportation force on.

disclaimer: Unless Mueller & Co. make a big move, and soon, I think we’re sunk.


Boy this article sure does help the DACA kids. “All is lost, woe is me” isn’t what we need. Democrats need to gain control of their party. Primary some of these surrender monkeys. Demand better. Demand they represent us and not the billionaire fundrs.


Chuck Schumer gives away the farm (leverage) and gets nothing back in return. Chuckie money Schumer is very very weak and he’s been in the pockets of the giant banks for so lon g that he’s totally forgotten about the working class.

Schumer is one of those conservative pro-corporation and screw the worker kind of Democrat. He may give lip service to some things that Democrats stand by like equal rights for women BUT he is NOT a tough fighter for the Democratic base.

Schumer needs to go…as does Pelois who is so rich she too can’t relate to the working class. Pelosi’s 8 hour speech on the House floor was nothing but hot air and words…her actions are lame. Pelosi is reminiscent of Obama…great rhetoric and horrible on getting that rheotoric implemented.

This Democratic Party under Schumer-Pelosi is the same as the party under Obama-Hillary…pro corporation and lip service to the working class!

US workers don’t have anyone in government they can count on except Sanders and Warren.