Discussion: Cuts Are Coming — Can Pelosi And McConnell Make A Deal?

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Obviously Social Security, Medicare, Medicaid, all foreign assistance, the EPA and the Department of Education need eliminated. That would fix our budget problems.


That sounds like Mitch’s going in position


Forget any defense spending.

If Rump can pull a couple of mil out of the DoD’s budget for “wall” they’ve already got enough as it is.


That’s been the GOP position going in for 30 years.


Whatever they do, they have to keep feeding the bottomless military-industrial black hole of cash. Nobody knows where it’s going, but it demands MORE!


I thought Trump recently said that dogs are the best defense. That won’t cost much.


I think Pelosi has more leverage than meets the eye.


LOL, spoken like a true cat. :joy:


I fully expect another shutdown and working for an extended period of time without being paid.



He said the only possibility he sees is a bipartisan agreement that “the most liberal members of her party don’t vote for

The meaning of bipartisan today is Dems vote for Republican Ideas, but never vice versa. Any Democrats not willing to go for blood have learned nothing from the way today’s GOP has taken over the government


Place your non-winning bets that the list covers 90% of what REPUGS will demand and that the DIMS will support a couple of them.

I can tell now if SS is cut I’ll be looking at a cardboard box to replace my home. I got sick 30+ years ago and ended up going bankrupt as a result of medical bills. Never did recover over the balance of my working career and I was a COO so well paid. Now I have 2 very small pensions and SS to survive every month. Cost keeps going up so it is getting harder and hard. Use May as an example, my food budget is less than $100, any cut will put me under.



It’s a good thing that Democrats don’t have a loooooooong record of folding like cheap lawn chairs.

Especially Mr. Schumer. ROCK SOLID.


This will be the sticking point.

Democrats will insist that Trump stop misappropriating funds for his wall. Republicans will quietly back Trump while having “grave misgivings” in public. McConnell won’t bring a funding bill to the floor until Trump says he’ll sign it. Government shutdown.

Government employees, I’d start building up that emergency fund now because a Trump budget tantrum is coming.


"The White House seems more interested in speedy action on legislation to increase the government’s borrowing limit, which must be passed to avoid defaulting on its obligations. "

Imagine that.


‘We gave all that money to my buddies in the 1%…how the fk do you think we’re gonna quash these COUPS???’ C’mon people. VOTE THEM OUT!

This is going to be interesting. The GOP’s complete inability to pass budget at all – much less budgets with sane spending numbers – has become normalized. But I don’t think it’s going to work that way this time.

And all of the “automatic cut” stuff is mostly bullcrap. It can be overridden by a simple majority vote. The only reason it gets play is that the republicans are willing to randomly cut the defense budget as long as they can also gut everything else.

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"The White House seems more interested in speedy action on legislation to increase the government’s borrowing limit, which must be passed to avoid defaulting on its obligations. "

I remember those days - using 18% credit cards to make monthly credit card payments on 18% credit cards.

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Have you ever put in a claim against the VA for Vietnam? Mine took seven years but it was well worth it.

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