Discussion: Cuomo Will Move To Ban Fracking In New York State

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At last a Democratic governor in putting people and environments ahead of corporations.
Never thought I’d see Cuomo doing this. He’s such a lap dog for the monied class.

This is a clear sign that Cuomo will be running for POTUS in 2016. He’s trying to burnish his appeal with liberal Democrats by this move. Note the timing of his decision after November’s re-election; he put off making this decision for over a year in order to attain the largest victory margin possible to impress financial backers and unsuspecting Democrats in other states. The sizable fall in hydrocarbon prices also makes this decision justifiable for “economic” reasons, so he can maintain plausible credibility with monied interests.

This was not a decision primarily based on the unchanged hazards of fracking, which have long been known. Hillary has just been left flanked.