Discussion: Cummings: It's 'Disappointing' To See GOPers Question Our Voting Rights Probe

Disappointing, but totally expected. It’s just the way the GOP is…

Scared and dying…


Gotta ask, what is it about democracy that rethugs are so afraid of?


Bigots, misogynists and racists are unfortunately a minority in the country, or Republicans wouldn’t have to resort to voter suppression to maintain power.

It’s really the fault of those damned liberals, poisoning the minds of the youth through education and enlightenment.


Demographic shifts are taking away white Christian majority, turning democracy into an existential threat to the GOP’s power and they are hyper-aware that they are largely impotent to stop them within the confines of the law or while even accepting the basic existence of a social contract with the rest of the country. Start from that premise and you can fit almost everything they’ve done since November 2008 into that box.


It’s beyond the norm for members of the Oversight Committee to tip their hand and reveal to the public what they are doing. Yet Jordan and Meadows are classic snitches. There must be a way to USE these morons as the fools they are.


Hmm. What do I think? WHAT SNIFFIT SAID!

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I like how they are desperately whining now that the shoe is on the other foot. Take Schiff’s “you might think that’s okay,” speech for instance. First they got ferociously angry. Then they turned into meek little puppies.


“His voice dripping with irony, Cong. Elijah Cummings said that it is ‘disappointing’ to see Republicans questioning investigations of measures to repress voting.”


It goes against everything they believe in?

“It’s disappointing that Rep. [Jim] Jordan is so opposed to oversight at so many levels,” Oversight Committee Chairman Elijah Cummings (D-MD) said in a statement to TPM Monday evening.

What happened with the allegations against Gym “I don’t wear a jacket” Jordan? Was there an investigation? Was he cleared?


GOPers are too damn lazy to compete fairly and squarely with the people the are suppose to serve!

Their tiny brains cannot handle true competition!

Losing power, simple as that.


I am trying to think what the coverage would have been like if a couple of democrats had written letters urging Hillary not to cooperate with the benghazi investigation or not to turn over server information.


There would have been headlines in 16 point type: Hillary Refuses to abide by Subpoena, and similar shit that we would still be hearing about.

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The final report of the judge was too heavily redacted for the press to glean anything? For the sake of national defense and growth of the economy of course. That’s an excellent question though.

When republicans have power, they abuse it. Use it to further their personal ambitions to acquire massive wealth and power, and to deliberately hurt the majority of Americans. That is their philosophy, and they’ve worked hard to achieve it- yes, they’ve been successful. They rule, and they’re not going to allow wimpy democrats to take away their power & riches; not through the law or by any other means.


Cummings has the forbearance of a saint. If it were me I’d be pounding the table with a brick telling the GOPers to start putting country and constitution over party.

These guys obviously haven’t read the Constitution since about 1861.

Ever notice how quick they are to insist that the USA is NOT a democracy, it’s a republic? What do they think a republic is, anyway?