Discussion: Cummings Apologizes To IRS Official For GOP Questioning 'Hell' (VIDEO)

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Cummings seems to be a decent man.


And this is precisely why it was the right thing to do to put Democrats on the Benghazi select committee to not only protect witnesses but counteract the lies. Cummings has been great on the Oversight committee and will be excellent on the select committee.


Mr. Cummings is one of the most decent members of either Chamber. He is not afraid of the thug who he has to share the podium with.


Elijah Cummings is a straight shooter. Its good to see him there to bring some sanity to this “show hearing”.


Cummings is a member of Phi Beta Kappa


I was ambivalent about how that select committee should be handled, but I think you are right. We Americans tout our political system as a model for the world, but watching these hearings makes me embarrassed. Tough questions are appropriate, but Daryl Issa in particular seems to revel in being rude, domineering, unfair and disrespectful. (I assume he hopes his focus on bluster makes his constituents forget that he has no substance.)


After being beaten half to death as a young man, I am sure he is hardly afraid of these bullies


If the Democrats were serious, they would not attend any hearing that had Issa in charge.

Elijah Cummings is such a classy guy. His constituents are very lucky to have him and we are all lucky to have him be the sane, thoughtful, highly capable man on this or any committee. He truly represents what our elected officials should be like.


Issa and his lies would get all the sound bytes, make the evening news, and the Democrats would have no ability to refute it or debunk it or defend their witnesses. Most of what has been disproved about Benghazi and the IRS has come from Democrats on the committee. I’m damn glad they’re there.


Just more votes for Democrats in the Fall.


Mr. Koskinen has the credentials of a public servant that Paul Ryan couldn’t ever dream of having. When I happened onto that encounter last week while flipping the dial, it made me sick to my stomach. Since when is Mr. Koskinen put on trial, and grilled as if he was a criminal? Thank goodness for Mr. Cummings, a decent and accomplished public servant, who has the ability to understand such shabby treatment, and will speak up for decency.


Let’s not be so naive to think that Cummings is an accidental cheerleader of this particular arm of the bureaucracy.

The congressman is neck deep in this scandal himself, and there is a paper trail of his staff communicating with the IRS about targeting specific groups, as well as receiving confidential tax information about at least one group that the IRS was not legally entitled to divulge.

What is your source for this information?


Perfessor Otto Hisass.


I am moving into Issa’s district in August, looking forward to November when I can vote against him, unfortunately it is a very red district.

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Mr. Magoo is the poster child for all that’s wrong with the IRS. Let’s face it, if the IRS were going after liberal groups we would be screaming bloody murder. The fact is that sometime in the future when the GOP controls the government once again (ugh!) the shoe will be on the other foot, and those who are ignoring the IRS’ abuses will be exposed for the hypocrites they are. We should be joining in with the right for how the IRS is behaving, not protecting the agency.

Who is ignoring it? They ‘targeted’ both conservative and liberal groups. Except it wasn’t ‘targeting’ per se - it was a means of a limited staff trying to enforce ridiculous laws after being inundated with applications.

There are perfectly reasonable explanations for these career  (i.e. not necessarily ideological) bureaucrats to have acted the way they did. The problem is with the law they were trying to enforce, and the resources available to enforce it.

There are way bigger governmental abuse of power fish to fry than this. Direct your angst and outrage to an issue that isn’t 98% fabricated by witch hunters.


No, it came out that they lied when the IRS stated that they targeted liberal groups. Just trying to be fair.