Discussion: Cruz: Trump's Campaign Has Been 'Immensely Beneficial' To My Own (VIDEO)

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Must be because Trump is an even bigger a------.

Isn’t Ted part of the so-called Washington Cartel?


I’m perfect for President because I’ve pissed of freaking EVERYBODY.
Nobody likes me, so I’d be the perfect person to get more than half the country to vote for me.

Logic. It’s not just for breakfast anymore, Ted.



Yes, but he could make a pretty plausible case that he’s been busy destroying it from within.


Why would anyone even consider voting to elect someone for President who’s avowed intent is destroying the government? Is Ted Cruz really that stupid? Are American voters really that stupid?

Oh . . . . sorry.

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And The Cubanadian still has dick to show for it.
Cruz’ candidacy never just comes up in discussion-- unless he does it himself.


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Trump has helped him immensely?? Does he even know he’s at about 5% in the Republican primary? And these are like-minded people! I shudder to think where he’d be without this immense help.


Are any GOP candidates sane?


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Shorter Cruz: I’ve stood up to both Democrats and to leaders in their own party time and time again. (Never mind that I’ve gone down in flames time and time again.)

Ummm…no. Unfortunately, they have to pick one to be their leader.
Right now they have a reality tv host in the lead, followed by an insane paranoid motivational speaker who’s stopped his campaign to make money on a book tour for two weeks, in third place is a failed corporate executive.

None of the top three candidates who make over 50% of the preferred candidates for the Republican candidacy for the President of the United States have ever held elected office.

Put that in your pipe and smoke it.

Salacious Cruz and Jabba the Trump

This will be this year’s “Great news for John McCain!”

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It remains to be seen if Cruz is actually wrong. However, I can’t help but think that an obnoxious, nasty, lying, hatemongering asshole running well out ahead of the race must work in the favor of a fellow obnoxious, nasty, lying, hatemongering, asshole. Plus, when one obnoxious, nasty, lying, hatemongering asshole drops out of the race, it only makes sense his voters will go to another obnoxious, nasty, lying, hatemonering asshole. The same would apply to Carson if a lost and confused, soft-spoken, old man with a penchant for Holocaust analogies was running ahead.


…and then Cubanadian Cruz reinserted himself deep in The Donald’s amble backside:



Cruz is a smug, maniacal son of a bitch.


Good question. Sometimes certain cult-like movements attract people who ARE insane. Jim Jones and Rudolph Hess come to mind.

I believe the following G.O.P, candidates are, if not insane, sociopathic:

  • Ted Cruz
  • Donald Trump
  • Ben Carson

The others are merely sociopathic

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No…but that’s what attracts the dumbass voters… !