Discussion: Cruz Toys With The Idea Of Using Sebelius Replacement To Repeal Obamacare

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Today, seeing the disaster, seeing the trainwreck that is Obamacare, in my view, it is the essence of pragmatism to acknowledge this thing isn’t working. We need to start over, repeal every word of it. Start over.

They have used that word, “Trainwreck” again and again. But they don’t tell us what is horrible about it. You can recognize the folks who listen to the like of Cruz and his “arguments” by the use of this word. What is the phrase? Oh, yes “Nothing burger”.

Cruz is a train wreck. There. I"ve posted a comment!

Yes, you did, and I got a notification of your comment in the Hive. And the comment opened in the Hive, and it had a category indicator at the top of the page that said TPM Article Topics. I will have to look to see if that category thing shows up in all of the Hive comments now. Things do look and feel different today. Must be that different plane thing Josh spoke of, eh? :heart:

I don’t get the thread going to the Hive. It seems like there should be another place for it to go. I also don’t get how I can follow my comments history. My Hive history is OK, but I see no history for the few comments I’ve made “out front”. It’s a work in progress with lots of connecting parts in the configuration.

Actually, it appears to be in “both” places. Or not actually IN both places, but visible and accessible from both places. When I am in the Hive, I can see the comment with a flag that says TPM Article Topics. If I click on that flag indicator, I can see ALL of the comment threads on ALL of the articles on TPM Proper. I can see how many posts have been made, when they were made and I can open up those comment strings.

If that’s not a reason in and of itself for folks to subscribe… :heart:

I could see that only when inside a thread. At first, my comments to regular articles were not showing up in my history, but now some of them are. It wasn’t until I hit the TPM Article Topics that my “new” comments started appearing.

With Ted’s Dance of the Endless Veils we’ll never glimpse his child-bearing hips…

Halcyan, Cruz can’t derail the ACA by blocking a nomination. A nomination and the ACA are different beasts. The only way the ACA can go away is if the House and Senate repeal it with enough votes to override Obama’s veto and that ain’t happenin’. this “argument” of his is nothing more that hot air blather. Cruz needed a publicity fix.