Discussion: Cruz Taps Evangelicals, Tea Partiers To Fuel 2016 Campaign

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I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again… I don’t understand his endgame here. Tea partiers and evangelicals may yet win him the Republican nod, but with that crew he’ll do worse than Goldwater in the general. His crossover appeal roughly equals zero, based on policy positions alone, and he’s a condescending dick to go with it.

If anyone has insight into his general strategy, I’d be interested to hear opinions. I’m genuinely stumped with this guy. Will he:
a) Continue playing hardcore conservative, with the general election faceplant that goes with it?
b) Attempt to shake the etch-a-sketch if he secures the Republican nod – betraying everything he’s said to date, pissing off the same voters he’s courting now, etc?


Dream on, Tailgunner Ted. If by some miracle you are the Repugnican nominee, you WILL go down to defeat worse than Goldwater. Only a Herculean effort at voter suppression and disenfranchisement will get you or any of your fellow clowns elected to the White House.

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Evangelicals and Tea Party nuts will only get you so far and way below what would be needed to win.

Cruz has to know the general despise of him and how it will affect him in the general. Methinks that there is something else afoot here.
Cruz wins personally if he becomes the nominee. It moves him from, biggest and most despised dickhead in the Senate to, Senator most backed in the Senate despite being the biggest dickhead and most despised.
There is prestige in that and one thing Cruz doesn’t have, is prestige.
The race for the nomination of an ® is filled with egomaniacal pricks and puritanical dickwads with major attitudes and non-Presidential arrogance. It would be a huge win for Cruz to be able to step out of the doldrums and into the light.

But POTUS, pleeeeease. This fool isn’t even that deluded.

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He knows he won’t win, since he sure as hell does no legislative work running for POTUS gives him something to do.

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I don’t see how he thinks he’s going to overcome the Asshole Factor®.

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Most likely with some of that Kock toilet paper ; )

After losing the presidential race, Cruz will be branded a loser and become even more contemptible in the eyes of most Republicans.

This can be attributed to just about all of the candidates. the ®’s don’t like losing or losers that lose and they are all going to lose and lose big.
In Cruz’s case, he is Cruzing for that bruising.