Discussion: Cruz Takes Lead Over Trump In Latest Poll From Iowa

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this could never have happened if Iowa wasn't on the Canadian border...

Let me know when a poll becomes significant...........


tRump's head exploding in 3, 2, 1.....

Cue the Trump Tweetz-krieg [tm].

This will come as a big surprise to Minnesotans.

Just yesterday there was a poll reported in TPM in which Trump had a huge lead. Someone is chasing their own tail here.

EDIT: That other poll was in New Hampshire. My bad. But there's definitely an element of roller-coasterism with these crazy polls.

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same difference (I waited a long time for that)


Exactly. Trump is going to fade. Current polls only poll likely primary voters, a very small segment, especially in a year like this where lots more people will be voting, and many to keep Trump out. Cruz will fade too. Rubio is who my money would be on now.

Make no mistake - Canadians despise Cruz.