Discussion: Cruz Rejects Trump's Birther Attacks: Maybe He's 'Feeling A Little Rattled'

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I LOVE Ted Cruz.

Who couldn’t love a politician who’s rejected his birth country?

(Btw I wanna be president of Iceland.)

What a case of phallocephally with rectocranial inversion and santorumedema. Trump made a coherent case that Cruz was likely a natural born Canadian.

His momma was eligible to vote as a Canadian citizen and become a Canadian citizen so that her baby-daddy could become a naturalized Canadian citizen.

I cannot believe this intolerant fascist brute supposedly went to Harvard Law and did not learn that you cannot be a Canadian citizen until 18 months before running for the Presidency of the United States.


which is it has been clear under the constitution and federal law since the very first days of this nation that the child born abroad is a natural born citizen,

Turns out that this is false. The Constitution did not make children born abroad citizens – that’s why the Congress had to specify that in a law in the first place – and the law they passed did not make all children born abroad to an American citizens. That law provided that If a child was born abroad to an American Woman and a man who had never resided in the U.S., that that child was NOT a citizen. This result would have been impossible, if the Constitution – by its terms-- intended that any child born abroad to an American citizen was a natural born citizen.

Why would the result of such a law be impossible? Because it would obviously be unConstitutional to exclude a child who was natural born under the Constitution’s definition from the benefits of such a law Since a child born in the United States to a woman citizen and a foreigner who was simply a traveler passing through but never resided her would be natural born and the law barred a child born abroad to a woman American citizen and a foreigner who never resided in her, it is clear that the Congress understood that being born abroad meant you were not natural born.

Cruz having to respond to this undermines his ability to talk about the issues he’d like to talk about, i.e. he’s playing on Trump’s turf and not his.

Also, just being forced to talk about the open question of his citizenship has to hurt him with his base.

Any way I see it, Trump wins this round against Cruz.

Trump has Cruz by the balls. Nearly all the evidence presented to date indicates that Cruz’s momma was a Canadian citizen when she delivered Teddy.

It is not clear that she has paid US taxes, travelled on or renewed a US passport or claimed US unemployment or Medicare.

yeah trump must be rattled Rafael. it couldn’t be because you are out there lying to everyone who dares listen to your hypnotic rhetoric about your birth being settled law because nobody can find that ruling. This is certainly karma gone bitch. Obama was born in the U.S. and hounded for years even though his mother was American but they didn’t care. Born in foreign country by foreign father made him ineligible to be President. Where’s Orly the Dentist Tatz when we need her?

hey Rafael, can’t you multitask? you can talk about your birth being considered 'settled law" and carpet bombing the middle east back to the stone age at the same time can’t you?

He seems to be able to bend the laws to fit his agenda. I think that makes him a very well educated Harvard Law student.