Discussion: Crowd At Trump Rally In Speaker’s Home State Chants ‘Paul Ryan Sucks’ (VIDEO)

A first for everything.
A Trump crowd got something – right.



Shouldn’t the proper reply chant be, “HO Swallows”?


One of the problems with Trump and his candidacy is that every now and then, a few truths emerge.
One was Trump’s statement that George W. Bush did not make us safer.
Another is that Paul Ryan is a clown.


Something, something, '“GOP”… “just deserts”…

I wonder, can one die of an overdose of Schadenfreude? I’m starting to worry.


I love the smell of GOP burning to the ground.


What is the “PROBLEM” as you state it, with Trump being right on some issues? Trump has been right on several of issues,much as were Ron and Rand Paul: Jebbie’s low energy, and maintaining a friendly relationship with Russia and Putin are 2 big ones instead of planning to start a nuclear war with Russia as is Obama and his fascist regime presently doing, on the basis of 100% lies. He also wants less foreign invasions and more domestic investment (hard to say about that second one but he’s more nationalistic than Hillary in this way - whose husband wiped out USA manufacturing with his FTA’s to distract YOU the public from his sexual predations in the White House). In any case, I have to laugh at the GOP implosion every day, as every day brings a new laugh like this one.

No, but you can come damn close. My last episode required replacing the carpet due to excess Schadenfreude, burning sage, and assuring my kids that they didn’t need to make any 911 calls (or call a priest) because I was perfectly okay.

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Seek immediate medical help for an erection lasting more than four hours.

When they came for Jeb Bush, I didn’t say anything. When they came for Marco Rubio, I didn’t say anything…and then they came for me.

Paul Ryan


They’re right, and they don’t even know what Ryan’s economic plan would do to them. Of course, they don’t know what Trump’s plans would do either.


Maybe there is something to the chemtrail conspiracies?

These Drumpfettes are obviously being radically affected by something, and its not good…

These morons are right, but for all the wrong reasons.

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Seek immediate medical help for an election lasting more than four hours.


Ryan does suck but not as much as Trump or his white supremacist goons.

The knowledge that they are a dying demographic?

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Green Bay has no influence on Ryan’s candidacy. It would be nice for Paul to see the back end of his political career, but the folks in Janesville have no problem keeping the guy in office. And Janesville is several hundred miles away from the chanters.

One thing to keep in mind is that Trump’s sheer excess could allow voters to distinguish him from the other Republicans on the ballot, making is “anvil” effect much less than you might otherwise expect. This does seem to be happening in some Senate races.