Discussion: Crisis Pregnancy Center Ads Are Back — And More Deceptive Than Ever

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“[Abortion] can be a life-changing event with significant physical and emotional consequences.”

As opposed to giving birth.


Here we see the results of decade of right-wing court-packing.


thats funny since the right wing and the so called christians rely on nothing but lies and fear to try to get there point across…tru chritian values…is that what you call a blessing?/…oh PS keep your religion to yourselves we dont except fairy tales as fact


Buh-bye, sock.

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Be a shame if the ‘advertising’ were to get vandalized.


According to the WaPo story linked here, Google pulled ads which included text stating the advertiser provided abortion services when in fact they didn’t. This is, of course, deceptive advertising. This journalist then equates this with not providing text that states they do not provide abortions. This practice may also be objectionable, but it isn’t the same practice that Google responded to. Reading this article alone would make you think it is. An objective person might conclude that this is itself deceptive.

Ugh, my grandmother used to do this in the old days with some right to life group. She’d answer crisis line calls for girls that were pregnant and scared. She’s then lecture/preach to the them to do anything but abortion. Of course they never had any advice of what they could do, just what was wrong. I think I was as young as 11 when I was first shown some very horrific pamphlets.

Another relative “works” (they don’t pay her, she like many there, are volunteers, even though she needs money) for one these groups in Texas where they get all excited about the ultrasound and how blessed the pregnant girl is. Yay! Look a heartbeat! Here, let’s give you a box of free baby clothes and pat you on the back and send you on your way. If it turns out the teen is lucky and NOT pregnant, they just tell her to stop having sex. No birth control advice, not even a comment about condoms, which is almost impossible to contort into somehow being an abortificant.

I grew up in a Christian house. The use of subterfuge and misdirection to achieve one’s goal was NOT acceptable.