Discussion: Crews Unearth 1795 Time Capsule Buried By Paul Revere And Samuel Adams

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I wonder if it contains any of Adams’ crappy beer?


Coins?! What, no answers to whether the 2nd Amendment protects the right to have AR-15s, or if the Founding Fathers wanted prayer in schools, or if Obamacare is constitutional?

I guess we’re on our own.

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Picture of time capsule please!

That is just the cornerstone that the capsule was inside.

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Why X-ray then open it next week? Just open the damn thing already!

The time capsule contains the original Samuel Adams beer recipe.

jimmy hoffa has been found!


“…officials washed some of the contents in the capsule with acid…”

That sounds bad. Can anyone 'splain the purpose of that?

It’s not as if Adams and Revere could have anticipated what 220 years might do to the contents.

I admit to looking forward to the note they left that goes, “All men are created equal … KIDDING!”

Their straight beer isn’t the worst thing in the world if the only other choices are Bud and Coors. But the only time I ever bought it for home consumption, I made the mistake of buying a Summer variety case which included some kind of “Cherry flavored” beer. My God, that was the worst tasting beverage (alco or non-alco) I’ve ever had in my life. Like they added cough syrup to beer.

We may finally know what happened to that young girl who was rumored to be raped and killed by Glen Beck.

Is Fox News going to send Geraldo to open it?

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They saved a 8 x 10 glossy of Ronald Reagan. They knew he would knock down the wall and reveal the time capsule.