Discussion: Court: Dept. Of Education Violated Privacy Law For Defrauded Students

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“Well how can my friends with for profit schools make any money if we have to hold them accountable?” DeVos

“Why are we paying for crappy degrees?” Taxpayers


So here’s the DeVos method, as I understand it: You borrow the money from the US govt to buy a car from Volkswagen. It turns out to be a lemon. In fact, every Volkswagon produced turns out to be a complete lemon and the company goes out of business. The feds decide that they are going to forgive the car loans. So they look at how much mileage other car owners have gotten on their Toyotas and Hondas and Hyundais, figure out the “value” of that, and deduct it from how much of your loan you are forgiven.

Make sense? I think not.


These are just terrible people.


The Obama administration cracked down hard on for-profit
colleges accused of fraud and shut down Corinthian and other major
chains and tightened regulations for the schools.

There are two reasons why DeVos tried to reverse the rule. First, it was an Obama rule, and therefore “bad.” Second, the person in the Oval Office is on the other side of the issue. He tried to make money off of the fraudulent school known as Trump University.


DeVos said the approach of the Obama administration left room for potential abuse and unfairly burdened taxpayers who ended up paying for those loans with their taxes.

Contra, the approach of the Trump administration leaves room for substantial abuse and properly burdens the defrauded students who end up paying for those loans with their nonexistent income increases from their nonexistent education. It’s a return to the rule of caveat emptor and unregulated free market consumer fraud. There’s a sucker born every minute and it’s the duty of the entrepreneurial class to capitalize on their gullibility.


At least on the bright side, Rick Perry is feeling better about not being the absolute dumbest person in the Administration. Although to be entirely fair to Ms. DeVos, it’s more likely just rampant corruption. Only thing separating her from her rapacious brother is the lack of Russian involvement…so far…


Republicans are on the side of DeVos. It is part of their phony religion to exploit the vulnerable to make money for themselves and their donors.


Caveat emptor is right, and for the Republicans it applies across the board and seems to include the presidential election.

The DeVos multi billion dollar family fortune was made on the pyramid scheme of Amway, so diploma mill for profit colleges are a step up from that “business” model. These institutions make their gravy off of fleecing veterans and sucking every last cent out of them and then putting them into debt for useless degrees that will not get them good paying jobs. I guess supporting our vets doesn’t really apply here.


The profit motive needs to be removed from both education and healthcare.


Yet another DeVosian fuck up from US history’s least qualified Cabinet member.

Just fuck off, DeVos.


Terrible works. But then, so do these:

Or these:


DeVos has lapped the field–Twice.


The framing every sane western country uses is “public good versus private good”.

Once people accept the proposition that it’s in their interest that their fellow citizens are healthy, educated, etc you can push for providing state-owned or subsidized health care and education. Until then, well this week I heard Unger (the liberal on Steele and Unger) describe estate taxes as a “redistribution”. Nothing about the need to fund public goods through taxes, just feeding the meme that taxes are a “transfer of wealth” …


Betsy DeWitch and her family should have to personally repay all loans from these for profit so-called universities. After all their money came from a Ponzi scheme to begin with so it’s only fitting and proper.


Actually, I do believe that all of these synonyms accurately describe the Trump team! Good job!


Actually I think DeVos, Pruitt, Zinke, and Perry are all running neck & neck for that distinction.


“DeVos said the approach of the Obama administration left room for potential abuse and unfairly burdened taxpayers who ended up paying for those loans with their taxes.”

Well, I, as a taxpayer, feel unfairly burdened by the bloated military, lack of oversight in government offices and paying for public officials who don’t do their jobs well. I hope you’ll get right on this DeVos.


DeVos must have gotten a degree from Trump University.


Unbelievable. The Trump “bAdministration” does not think the law applies to them. Thank goodness many judges disagree and are willing to call them out on their malfeasance and criminality.