Discussion: Cops Shot And Killed 17-Year-Old Girl At Texas Police Station

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The police safety one percent doctrine claims another victim. All three will be cleared because this is what they’re trained to do–any threat to their safety justifies the instant escalation to deadly force. Bethinking themselves of the (admittedly only probable) fact that they were wearing Kevlar vests and had tasers, pepper spray and sticks would have put them at a small degree of risk, and heaven forbid.



Imagine the fear they must have felt. The only virtue authoritarianism has is that at it’s heart, its color blind. Plenty of room in the mass grave for “us” next to “them.” Keep supporting police state tactics and you too will be burying a loved one because a lizard-brain fuck in a badge couldn’t activate his higher brain functions.


Where’s the video? In this day and age, do we really believe that the Longview Police Department does not have video of the lobby of its station?


Texas police departments do everything half-assed. Why the hell they didn’t detonate a small nuclear device in the lobby is beyond comprehension. Followed by the razing of all housing on the other side of the tracks and bulldozing the dollar stores. Wimps.

Law Enforcement Response Options

Page 1…

  1. Child on the playground by himself with a toy gun pretending to shoot - BLAM
  2. Cat up a tree child nearby obviously a suspect - BLAM
  3. Car stalled in park lane off free way, kids all screaming and lady suspected mom going bananas - BLAM
  4. Attend on scene of possible looting, 3 individuals of loot-typical skin tone milling about - BLAM BLAM BLAM
  5. Corner store reports shop lifting of candy bars attend on scene observe one individual of shop-lifting-typcal skin tone - BLAM
  6. Called to report of disturbance at neighborhood outdoor basketball court observe several individuals of disturber-typical skin tone responding in a suspicious manner plus side arm one cuts and runs - BLAM
  7. Male break-in-typical skin tone in drive-way outside apparent getaway car in residential address apparently attempting to jimmy open garage door claiming to live there and knows garage door stuck won’t stop talking - BLAM
  8. Attend complaint at bus stop details unknown older female individual of freeloader-typical skin tone won’t stop yelling about some unidentified while male youth she claims “stole” her purse so she claims - BLAM

…2 …


Yep. There it is again - the police using overwhelming lethal force when they clearly have the upper hand in the situation and either a longish baton or even a single shot to the shoulder would have changed everything.

That being said, in these United States if she was suffering from mental illness (as are police officers who do this sort of thing) and as a woman of color, it’s unlikely she would have received the help she needs. No. It’s more important for smallish communities to have police departments with SWAT teams and armored vehicles and a nation of corporate tax subsidies.


“BLAM!!”–the new kale.


Question and answer . . .

How many cops does it take to subdue a mentally ill individual?

One. Simply shoot and kill the individual.

This crap sucks.



Apparently police are responding to complaints about excessive use of tasers by avoiding their use…

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“…They are grown men. I think there is something they are not telling us.”

Silly woman, they did do something, they did what they always do, they shot her niece. Its the go to solution to any problem that they might encounter.

I can see their alarm. That same Vulcan death claw grip was used by Spock to subdue man a threatening aliens.

Tasers. That is all they needed.

Jeffery, she was not a woman of color, where did you get that information/why did you inject it into your comment. She was Caucasian.

Of all the problems in the world, I couldn’t care less about this one. Might the outcome have been better? Sure. A mentally ill person walks into a police station with a weapon threatening violence and ends up being shot and killed seems more like police assisted suicide than anything else.

There are way bigger fish to fry out there people.

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I think the concern here is that, soooo many little fish, at some point, outweigh bigger fish.

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Respectfully, you should dig a little deeper. As a country, we’ve largely ignored and defunded issues of Mental Health in recent decades. This has led to a large number of local lock-ups now becoming defacto mental health wards at costs that exceed $50,000 per year per person. Then you have the intersection of the police having to respond to what are really mental health cases, like the currently reported case, in which their own protocols have resulted in the term “Suicide by Police”. Simply because a national political party isn’t using it as an electoral foil doesn’t mean it isn’t a large enough fish to feed a family.


In fact, here in Texas, the number one purveyor of mental health services in the state is…, the state prison system. Thank god we’re a lone star.


Yeah, no one much gives a damn about the mentally ill. Annoying, distressing disposable people who, if they’d rather die ought to go ahead and do it and relieve the heavy burden they place on the taxpayers. It’s the reason they are the first ones fucked by state legislators when tax revenues fall, every single time. And well they should be.

But I submit to you that, even if the suicide of a teenage girl is of no particular concern to you, you ought to at least consider what made it possible. What made it possible was a belief that’s taken hold among cops, and has become fundamental to law enforcement training, that the pepper spray, stick and taser aren’t on their belts as alternatives to using the gun in situations presenting some small risk to themselves, but, rather, are tools for forcing obedience and compliance from unarmed suspects.


Shoot first…

Get lawyer.

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