Discussion: Conway: Trump To 'Stick To Building Wall' Even If Gov't Has To Shut Down

So I guess that means the President of Mexico has stopped returning trump’s phone calls

I have to think, this is much less about Trump issuing a “policy” stance, and much more about KAC playing to an audience of one…Donald…in an attempt to improve his mood.

Which, even putting aside my cycle theory of his behavior, must be absolutely horrible right now. He spent two weeks at his place in NJ, then a couple of nights in Trump Tower, then…and this is the important part…a night on the road out west for his Phoenix/Reno rallies/speeches…and now back in the WH.

That many different beds for Trump? AND a time zone change?

Not the recipe for making Donald a happy camper.


Kellyanne who?

Speaking of people forgotten about, this was funny

New Yorker