Discussion: Conway Says She’ll Talk To Trump About Turning His Supporters Against Press

If journalists were “fair” to DJT, there is no way he’d be the nominee.


"But they need to be fair,” Conway replied.

WTF ? Fairness has nothing to do with this, Freedom of the press has !

If you think, you are being unfairly treated, you engage in a dialogue and explain what is wrong. You don’t sic you moronic supporters on the press.


Be fair or…Or what Kellyanne pole dancer?

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So… Trump’s campaign manager makes an implied threat against journalists. This is a remarkable moment of the campaign.


Yep, you better be “fair” to us; or else. And you know what “else” means don’t you?



I posted this on the overnight thread and thought I’d repost it because funny-

Saw a piece on the local morning news I thought I’d share:

A young guy in Wichita whose last name is Trump has a personalized license plate that reads “TRUMP.” He says he and his wife have been verbally harassed, cussed at, frowned at, and flipped off every day.

This is in red state Kansas.

And this poor guy isn’t even a supporter of HO. :smile:

The Anchors were sympathetic to the young man’s plight, saying how unfortunate it must be to bear the same name as the R candidate.


Shorter Kellyanne: Well, I’ll tell him, but he’s the candidate and he does whatever he damn well pleases. It’s like talking to a brick wall and expecting an answer.


“To your first point, yes, I will tell him that, and he’s probably watching right now,” she replied, adding that “85 to 90 percent” of the tweets of journalists traveling with the campaign are “negative toward Donald Trump.”

I’m thinking KAC doesn’t understand the meaning of “negative.” “Fact” does not mean “negative.”

"I appreciate you saying that, and it will be conveyed. But they need to be fair,” Conway replied.

“Otherwise, they deserve whatever Mr. Trump decides their fate to be,” she continued.

Jeezuz, this woman is gratingly obtuse.


I guess Wolf Blitzer is finally afraid of the monster he helped to create.


“But they need to be fair,” Conway replied.”…because poor widdle Drumpfie might have his fee-fees hurted.

And when someone really does get injured, or worse, what’s it going to be then, Ms. Conway? They should have known better?

This shit is getting beyond old.


Trump constantly complains about the press, yet he restricts their acces, locks them in a pen, derides them at his rallies, encourages his followers to act out against them, and blames them for his poor standing with the public. Personally, I think the press should stop covering him entirely. Just don’t show up at his rallies. He won the Republican nomination because the press gave him $2 billion of free advertising and did not challenge his nonsense. So, stop already. There is no requirement that you broadcast his every utterance, especially since he has no regard for the first amendment.


So now Wolf is offended? And he wants to see if somebody can get Trump to tone it down? Because Trump is making thing uncomfortable for the journalists covering him? But all those other groups he was denigrating for months and months, well, gotta hype that. Because ratings I guess.


"But they need to be fair,” Conway replied.

“And they definitely shouldn’t wear short skirts and spike heels. Otherwise they’re just asking for it. Mr. Trump’s supporters are very passionate and Mr. Trump has no control over them. He barely has control over himself most of the time,” she added.


I find this level of disconnect fascinating, I have no idea how Conway does it. This isn’t a stupid woman, but for some reason there is a element of fanaticism to her.


AFAIK she is doing God’s work, she has been associated with the shadowy CNP

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Isn’t she a true “Christian soldier”? I’ve read that she is in fact a Dominionist, which if true would account for her fanatic devotion to the GOP cause, damn the candidate.


"But they need to be fair,” Conway replied.

In Trumpland, “fair” means “deferential.”

So, Kellyanne, if they aren’t fair, does that mean you’re going to sic thousands of feral rednecks on them?


I find it extremely offensive that you would so malign brick walls by comparing them to Trump.

A brick wall may not answer, but at least it serves a useful purpose.


I’m curious to see what happens to KAC when the campaign is over and his followers start blaming her for the failure to make their message take the White House.

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