Discussion: Conway Refuses To Answer For Trump's Contradictions On Stormy Daniels Payment

KAC says she has “limited visibility in the legal matters” - legal matters or illegal matters? Unlike Rudy, she seems to be saying that the payments to Stormy were something other than just normal business practices. But on the other hand, who cares what Ms Alternative Facts has to say?


And that’s, honestly Jake, that’s the best I can do given my limited visibility in the legal matters.

Low-energy defense. Hiding behind “expertise” or “knowledge”. Bad (or weak)!


If Giuliani himself, one of Trump’s own lawyers, doesn’t yet know what the lie du jour is regarding what the president knows/doesn’t know, it sure as hell makes no sense to send out people located out in the Gas Giants realm of the Trump solar system, such as Conway, to try to defend this administration as well.

At this rate, this administration needs to start suing itself for malpractice.


I know nothing. I see nothing.


The cable news networks loves them some faux lamb-Kellyanne jive talkin’.


Stunned, I am. She has a limit? I’d come to believe her creative facts had no limits.


Alt-Headline: Big Blonde Rat Looks for Exit on Ship


Conway: past her sell-by date.


Lying again as usual, and Good Dog, she looks like she was made up by an apprentice mortician.


Mike Pence had some time to spare this morning.


Rudy had another 2 dumpster fire interviews on FOX and ABC that make Kate Mckinnon’s parody of him on SNL seem more like a documentary than a comic sketch.

He has admitted, once again, that Trump knew about the payments in advance. He has stated that many other payments to other women or for other purposes may have been made. He has said that Trump won’t cooperate with a subpoena. He has said Trump will plead the 5th.

The impact of the Rudy IED has been telling in the press coverage. You have Our Revolution suck up Jake Tapper now referring to Trump as a ‘liar’ as an established, incontrovertible fact. You have George Stephanopoulos beside himself with glee, expanding the strike zone and getting Rudy to bite at pitches thrown off the plate and give up more incriminating information on Trump. Rudy is telling all of us, "look he’s guilty and our strategy is eat a plate of go fuck yourself’’.

You now have the Guardian article where Trump paid an Israeli intel firm (with private or gov’t money? through intermediaries like Cohen or through gov’t officials like Pompeo?) to harass and gather ‘evidence’ on American citizens in order to slander them. That is an impeachable abuse of power and exactly the type of thing for which the Founders wanted to remove a POTUS. I think the timing of that article is tied to the environment where the MSM view Trump as a liar who is capable of breaking laws to serve his own ends.

What Rudy doesn’t seem to realize (and I can’t understand if he is senile or that he has always been a really bad lawyer who has covered up his deficiencies for years with bluster) is that Trump is perhaps more likely to be directly indicted rather than subpoenaed. Prosecutors generally don’t recommend subpoenaeing the target of an investigation because it forces them to give evidence against themselves which could be excluded at trial. Might as well go straight to an indictment if you have the goods. Rudy, on the other hand, will be subpoenaed as a fact witness in the Cohen criminal matter, the Daniels civil suit, and his role in the NY FBI office leaks which led to the Comey letter of 10/28/16.


‘Neener neener neener…I can’t HEAR you! I already told you all the lie…er INFORMATION that I have!’


“Tooti frutti, aw Rudy”

“A wop bop a loo mop a good goddam”


DT claims the hush money he funneled through Cohen was actually a monthly retainer so technically that supports Cohen’s statement that he used his own money for the payment. It has been widely reported that Cohen performed little or no actual legal work for DT. To ease his guilty conscience Cohen decided to use his own money to spare his long time friend the embarrassment of having to respond to the fake news rumors that he had an affair with someone he never met, or at least hardly knew. He tried to keep it quiet to shield Daniels from the humiliation that would surely have ruined her reputation in the porn industry and thus ended her career. Which proves that Clare Booth Luce was right when she said “no good deed goes unpunished.” - Aesop Giuliani circa May 2018



Why wasn’t Kellyanne asked about George Conway III’s tweets?


She’s trying to simultaneously placate Prez-Donnie-TV-Addict and also position herself for both deniability and employability in a post-Trump world.


And in response to it all, Ross Douhat has piece on Trump is winning because his poll numbers are up and no one cares about any of it, since the economy is “great.” Also, for people who get WaPo and/or NYTs, the article on Trump’s money (he’s only used cash since 2009) and Michael Cohen’s “career” in the Times are pretty unbelievable. But then again, no one apparently cares.


Legal civilian here, but this analysis strikes me as spot-on.