Discussion: Conway Emphasizes Manafort Trial Has 'Nothing To Do With The Campaign'

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I personally am insulted that his ass isn’t standing in an orange jumpsuit.


Conway then added “These are not the droids you were looking for.”


Do we know for certain that she won’t be brought up on Federal charges?
I mean we can hope, right?


LOL, damn Kellyanne, that takes some hutzpah even for the alt-facts queen.


I don’t think it works as well for her as it did for Obi Wan. :slight_smile:


Kellyanne has need to extremely vet … er … vent —

I wonders why ? ? …


Oh oh…

Things are not well in the White House. Scraping the barrel again, they put her into the field.


I have always thought she was jealous because she got passed over (probably because she is a woman) and Manafort got to be the head of the campaign.


Manafort Trial Has ‘Nothing To Do With The Campaign’

I would guess neither do the guilty pleas of Rick Gates, Michael Flynn and George Papadopoulos, or the apparent perjury of Jr and Jared, or that Roger Stone-Wikileaks thing, or Donald Trump publicly asking the Russians for help against Hillary at about the same time Jr is having a sit down with Russians offering dirt. Besides, collusion is not illegal, right?


When she flips the script - to insert herself as a surrogate for the entire campaign - it is reminiscent of Session’s Senate confirmation exchange with Sen. Franken - when Sessions laughs off any suggestion that Trump Campaign Surrogates had been in contact with Russians by claiming that he, Sessions, was sometimes called a Trump Campaign Surrogate - and he hadn’t been in contact with the Russians. That approach didn’t work out to well for Sessions or Trump.

Kellyanne ought to be more careful in which spin paths she takes. She was part of the Mercer takeover of the campaign (with Bannon), and they appear to have funded some pretty skeezy efforts that were… involved with some Russians (iirc).


“I’d like to add that clowns have nothing to do with the circus. Also, tax cuts have nothing to do with money. Now if you’ll excuse me, these Slovakian treats known as ‘cannolli’ aren’t gonna eat themselves.”


OK so just to review: If Kellyanne Conway is not the same person as Paul Manafort then Donald Trump has never done one wrong thing? Am I following that one correctly?


No, no - state charges. No pardons! :slight_smile:


That is so entirely confusing I expect we’ll be hearing it from Rudy by this afternoon.


What part of hiring a criminal as campaign manager for tRump 2016 don’t you get, Contwit? Let’s see…how many criminals tied to Russian interference with the election did tRump hire for his campaign? The vetting you guys did is really par excellence if nothing else…and there will be more. Much more. Count on that creeps.

Treason will not be swept under any million dollar rug.


No, it may not have to do directly with the campaign, but that will be changing very shortly. The flood-Gates will soon be opening…


Conway assured Fox News viewers that “I will not be brought up on federal criminal charges of any type.”

For all these denials she’s spouting, did anyone even ASK her the related question as to whether what she was denying actually happened? Was she offering information that she didn’t need to in order to make herself seem more interesting?

Make no statements that could be construed as answering a question that wasn’t asked - and I wouldn’t believe her anyway, but that’s another story.


She’s a fool for saying anything.

Sure, the trial and likely conviction of Manafort has, as stated, nothing directly to do with Trump’s treasonous embrace of all things Russkie. But, Manafort’s conviction and subsequent sentencing does! Given say 20 years in jail at the trial’s conclusion, methinks he’ll squeal and tell all he knows of the real conspiracy Trump and his evil minions hatched to ensure victory.

Then and only then what will Kellyskank Spinway say?


I fully expect Manafort’s legal team to make full use of Conway’s ‘alternative facts’ and the ‘if Paul denied it, so [you the jury] have no reason to believe otherwise’ defences. And then to go directly to jail and not collect 200 Rubles or the equivalent in Ukrainian hryvnia. Pity the SpokesCobra wont be joining him.